J Lo Areola & Nip Slip Almost Completely Shows During 2012 Oscars

J Lo Areola

Yes, you read that right and as silly as it sounds, everyone is really talking this one up. Twitter has been having fun with this all night long by labeling this exposing pose as the Oscar’s 2012 Jennifer Lopez Nip Slip. Believe it or not this isn’t the first time J Lo has accidentally displayed off her goods. In a German TV show J Lo had what some called a right buster.

Regardless of the previous event, it really just seems that Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar dress was so sheer and so close fitting that it might have shown more than she expected. Men are exclaiming all over Twitter they’re sure it was a J Lo areola revealing that was hard to miss. We’ve provided video below for you to see for yourself if it was worth calling a J Lo nip slip. The 84th Academy Awards have certainly got more interesting for those who aren’t into the acting and finer parts of cinema.

For those that care about what dress helped this showing, it was a dress made by Zuhair Murad. You’ll be able to pick up your own stunt dress soon we’re sure.

Tweets on Twitter that are talking about the areola nip slip are below:





To see a video clip of the J Lo areola snafu you can see it below:

4 Comments on "J Lo Areola & Nip Slip Almost Completely Shows During 2012 Oscars"

  1. Hey…. part of the show….. I like an innocent tease.
    Give her a break……she’s back on the make!
    Looks – Class -Voice…….at least she’s Drug Free and not involved with losers!

  2. MA MA slurp slurp!!!

  3. Are we so prudish that this is even a story?
    We have no problem when people get shot (NCIS), beheaded (Grimm, SuperNatural) or autopsied ( pick a CSI) on TV.

    She was wearing tape. She looked elegant. Maybe her breats weren’t symetrical? Who cares?

  4. Areola? Isn’t that one of the Pitts/Jolie or Paltrow/Martin kid names? How ’bout the JLo/Diaz butt shot?

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