Adobe Photoshop Touch Available for iPad 2 Monday February 27th

Adobe Photoshop Touch for iPad 2

Rules and more rules when it comes to exclusive pieces on technology releases in areas like tablets. It appears that Adobe gave as scoop to Mashable and 9 to 5 Mac about their new Adobe Photoshop Touch. Adobe Photoshop Touch will be available for iPad 2 on Monday February 27th, 2012 for you to download from the Apple App Store.

Places like 9 to 5 Mac prematurely released a news story about Adobe Photoshop Touch being released because it started hitting the App store in Austraila and New Zealand. Once they published the story and it started to gain traction the Photoshop Touch app was pulled from all Apple App Stores.

However, now that 9 to 5 Mac released the scooped story before the release date Mashable has jumped on board as well. Mashable states on their story release, “Editor’s note: This story was intended to be confidential until 9 p.m. Pacific Time on Sunday night, but 9 to 5 Mac broke that embargo, so that’s why we’re publishing this story early.”

Regardless of all the drama surrounding this super secret launch of Adoble Photoshop Touch, you will be able to buy it on Monday for $9.99 and it will only be available to iPad 2 owners. The Photoshop Touch requirements are that it needs iOS 5 and you’re good to go. Android Marketplace has had this app for Android tablets for quite awhile now. Now what remains to be seen is whether to two different versions for Apple & Android are different.

If you’re curious what Photoshop Touch can do we’re sharing videos of demonstrations of the new tablet Photoshop app that is supposed to make things easier on the go. “Photoshop Touch combines the magic of Photoshop and its core features with the convenience of a tablet, bringing image-editing power to the fingertips of millions of people” said David Wadhwani an Adobe executive.

Below you’ll be able to see an Adobe Photoshop Touch Overview released from Adobe Creative Cloud on YouTube. The description of their video is: Learn how you can use Photoshop Touch to combine images, apply professional effects and share the results on social networks like Facebook and more, from your tablet.

The other video below is the First Look at Adobe Photoshop Touch with Russell Brown released from Photoshop on YouTube. The description on this Photoshop Touch demonstration video is: Russell Brown uses Adobe Photoshop Touch for the first time and creates a composite image with layers, gradients, and text while using several different special effects.

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