What time is the KU MU basketball game? 3:00pm CST is tipoff

KU MU Last Showdown

The University of Kansas and the University of Missouri have an ultimate match up this evening at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence, Kansas. This is expected to be one of the biggest games to see since it will be the last battle between KU & MU in this Big 12 Conference at Allen Fieldhouse.

If you’re wondering what time the KU & MU basketball game is tonight it’s at 4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CST, 2:00pm MST and 1:00pm PST. The tipoff of the game is at 3:00pm CST sharp and the MU & KU rivalry will play out for the history books. For those in the Kansas City metro area the game will air on CBS KCTV Channel 5.

James Naismith Invented BasketballColumbia, Missouri is where the University of Missouri is located and where the Tigers reign free, roaming the college town. Mizzou’s history playing against the Jayhawks goes all the way back to March 11th, 1907 when Mr. Naismith, who invented basketball, took the Jayhalk team to Columbia for a matchup against Mizzou.

A great piece was done by the Columbia Tribune the shows some old photos of the first basketball team in Missouri, old pics of James Naismith holding a basketball in 1891 and a breakdown of historical accuracy on the KU MU rivalry. This detailed piece even reveals that in the late 1800’s basketball was actually considered a feminine sport & played mostly by women in dresses.

It remains to be seen whether the very successful KU Jayhawks will beat the MU Tigers in their last showdown. The first two games that KU & MU duked it out in provided two wins for the University of Missouri in Mr. Naismith’s first games in Columbia, Mo. The Allen Fieldhouse game tonight will be the 267th game between MU & KU and it for Jayhawk fans in Lawrence, Kansas this is a must win game to solidify their supremacy in the Big 12 Conference.

Some of you might be thinking you’ll head on down to Lawrence, KS and grab some tickets to the last matchup between the Jayhalks & Tigers but you’ll probably be best turning on the TV instead. KCTV5 reported that ticket sellers or scalpers, however you’d like to put it, are getting ridiculous call volume and they have nothing to sell. The KCTV 5 piece said this about the situation:

For those people still hoping to score a ticket, be prepared to drop some serious cash. “Phenomenal. We are getting a call every 15 minutes,” said ACE Sports owner Hal Wagner. Wagner with ACE Sports in Oak Park Mall said tickets are going for three to five times the face value. “I have never ever seen anything like this,” he said. It’s a situation so severe Wagner said even family doesn’t have enough pull to get a pair. “I have three boys that go to KU and I told them all to camp out to get tickets because don’t count on dad coming up with tickets for this game,” he said.

There could be some hope if you’re willing to troll the parking lots of Allen Fieldhouse. Scalpers are expected to be walking the lots there offering up tickets at high prices for entry into the last showdown for KU and MU. If you wait until the game starts you just may find that those scalpers realize their clock is ticking on getting rid of their last tickets. Quite a gamble if you ask us, you might do better just heading on down to Freestate Brewery in Lawrence, Kansas and enjoying the game there.

You can watch the KU vs. MU intro video in Allen Fieldhouse here:

NBC Action News coverage of the skyrocketing ticket prices of the KU vs. MU Last Border Showdown

MU vs. KU Allen Fieldhouse Fireworks for game opener 2 weeks ago

KCTV5’s piece on how the fans are ready for the final showdown:

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