Danica Patrick crash at Daytona 500 Qualifying Race [video]

Danica Patrick Crash

The Daytona 500 qualifying races were exciting and produced some surprising and not-so surprising results for this year’s Daytona 500. One of the more surprising moments caught on video
was Danica Patrick’s crash hard into the inside wall which got people’s hearts racing.

A lot of people commended a lot of the new safety ratings and advancements in NASCAR cars that keep damages to a minimum for people involved in crashes. Danica Patrick seemed to be ok as she shared on Twitter at 4:06pm right after the race how she was doing.

The NASCAR Crash video of the Godaddy #10 car driven by Danica Patrick has gotten pretty popular and passed around while some people got in debates as to whether Danica Patrick reacted wrong during the crash. One person commented on one of the popular videos that Danica Patrick shouldn’t have thrown up her arms in the crash by saying, “See the IN CAR reaction she had? Typical girl tho – Hands up and AHHHHH.”

Responses from others confirm that the Danica Patrick wreck was played out well for her own safety. Two people watching the crash commented by saying, “Your supposed to let go of the wheel. Some of you have no clue what your talking about.” and another saying, “Steering wheel can snap your wrist or forearm bones in that type of crash. F1 and indy car drivers have been taught to do this and sometimes it’s better to let go than to get broken.”

One other commenter said they knew from experience that breaking their hands would be the result if Danica hadn’t removed her hands from the wheel by saying, “If impact with the wall is imminent, you best get your hands of that wheel, or you WILL break your hands and/or wrists. Take it from someone that knows.”

Danica ended her tweets for the day of her crash with some thanks to @Nascar for the new safe barrier wall.


Watch the crash video below and how Danica Patrick reacts calm and cool:

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