Whitney Houston Casket Photo Released By National Enquirer

Whitney Houston Casket Photo

The National Enquirer has made everyone mad again and it probably won’t be the last time. In 1977 when Elvis Presley died the National Enquirer released Elvis Presley Casket photos. For 2012 the National Enquirer has kept up it’s notoriety for stooping low, by releasing the Whitney Houston casket photo that they paid someone off for.

No one is sure how much the Enquirer paid an insider at the funeral for the photo but you can bet it wasn’t cheap. The cover has the photo clear and easy to see and you can find it in your local grocery store. The publication date is listed as March 5th, 2012 but you can probably find it sooner.

There are details about the funeral as well besides just photos of Whitney Houston in a casket. Apparently Whitney Houston was wearing over $500,000 in jewelry during her funeral inside of her casket. On her feet were a pair of gold slippers to take with her and she was wearing her favorite purple dress inside the casket.

There were celebrity outrages at Whitney’s casket photos and people got pretty upset. Fans are also outrages and taking to Twitter to express their disgust. Comedian Jim Norton wrote a long Facebook post about the photo, a post which has been shared more than 1,400 times. ” I would like the same people who perpetually whine and cry about airport security and how it ‘violates privacy’ to refrain from buying the magazine,” Norton says. “Or from even looking at the photo while standing in line in the supermarket. Ahh, that’s right; it’s only a privacy violation when it’s YOUR privacy being infringed upon.”

The Talk on CBS had this to say about the Whitney Houston Casket Photos released by the Enquirer:

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  1. Rachel Cohen | March 12, 2012 at 1:21 am | Reply

    What an awful invasion on the family’s privacy! After listening to the family speak on Oprah’s Next Chapter I am very sorry to her family that other people out there don’t have any more respect or decency about themselves than this.

  2. Laura Chosewood | March 11, 2012 at 10:30 pm | Reply

    I hate to hear ignorant comments about how it’s not a big deal about the photos and how Whitney was not in the spot light for two years, its the principle of it all. Though Whitney had gone through a period of despair, she was a still a legend and there’s no way on God’s green earth that any human being with a soul should think this was in no way form or fashion right. No one is praising Whitney, but think about if you were in her family’s position, and you wanted nothing more than a little privacy for your loved one, and someone went and disrespected your wishes by sneaking a photo, and selling it for a profit. That’s was totally disrespectful, and they will reap what they sow.

  3. I think she looked absolutely beautiful in her peaceful sleep. If I look as good as her when I go next time …. RIP !

  4. Thus the price of fame….privacy.

  5. She looks at peace with the world and God…Beautiful Whitney sad to see you go so soon

  6. the point is, her family wanted it to be a PRIVATE viewing. NO PHOTOS were suppose to be taken. the person who took the photo was apart of the setup crew, and they obviously did it purely for the money. this is disgusting. i feel for the family because the little privacy they wanted, they didn’t get.

  7. Kickaha Wolfenhaut | March 3, 2012 at 5:52 am | Reply

    What demons they are at the Enquirer. It’s a good thing YOU aren’t sleazy enough to publish a pic.

  8. 500k+ in Jewels Buried in a Cemetary right behind a college in perpetuity, yea RIGHT!, I’ll lay even money she wont lay undisturbed 18 months. The whole area is a DMZ. infested by vermin.

  9. What is the big deal? She looks beautiful (unlike if she had been mangled in a car wreck), tons of celebrities before her had public viewings, and she is not God…this is what happens when people put more emphasis on the life of a celebrity than the Creator himself. Stop adding to the hype by talking about it in the media as gross and despicable, which is totally untrue. Calm down. What is more offensive and despicable is how Clive Davis’ Grammy party continued in the same hotel where she died the same night while her body was still in the hotel. The party should have been canceled and it’s disgusting that people continued to party like nothing happened, knowing that the Queen of the Grammy’s was dead just a few floors away. But nobody seems to be talking about that. Callous and shameful. Find something else to focus on, like children dying and being tortured in Syria.

    • Totally agree, I love your comment

    • Couldn’t agree with you more. Excellent and thoughtful post. Adding to this is the Grammy show which was supposed ot give homage to the singers who died in 2011. They showed Whitney, tho, so she’ll most definitely be shown again at next year’s (for 2012). But they failed to show Etta James and Don Cornelius, since they died in 2012. People pick and choose – it’s never fair. Whitney’s ‘spark’ burned out 20 years ago. Every credible source states this. She got a lot of attention for not being in the spotlight for 2 decades.

    • Totally agree. The fact that the party continued as planned makes me sick to my stomach. And why they left her there until the party was over is BEYOND me!!

  10. who cares!!!!!!!!!!, its another body in a casket, we can see photo’s of everyday people in caskets on tons of tv shows and no one comments or complains about those bodies being photographed and published! she was only whitney houston and not GOD

    • What tv shows have you been watching? I don’t see tons everyday on tv. I don’t care who it is, if I come across a picture of someone in a coffin, it does bother me. She’s not the first they did this to and she’s not the only one that people have complained about. From my understanding it was done with Elvis and James Brown(probably more knowing the Enquirer). Plain and simple it was an invasion of their privacy. All the family asked for their privacy this one last time and no photos. It was bad enough a photo as taken anyway, but it was personal gain and greed. That was disrepectful to not matter who that was in the coffin and their family.

  11. I really hope her family took her 500K in jewels before they buried her. if not I guarantee somebody stole them to sell them eventually…grave robbers still exist, and if someone is shameless enough to leak a photo, no doubt they are shameless enough to steal a dead person’s jewels for profit.

  12. I also hope her family took her 500K in jewels before she was buried. If not I guarantee somebody took the jewels to sell them eventually….grave robbers still exist and there is no doubt that if someone is shameless enough to leak a photo they are most certainly shameless enough to steal a dead person’s jewelry for profit.

  13. People need to CALM DOWN. First of all, stop saying her last photo is ugly and gross. She looks amazing in this photo. She doesn’t even look dead. People keep making such a big deal about this and calling it a “gross photo”, “despicable” etc. Give me a break. While yes not cool to do this against family’s wishes, had she been mangled in a car accident and she really did look gruesome it would give justice to the outrage. But death threats over this? People should be more outraged that Clive Davis and his grammy party was not canceled after learning about the singer’s death, a singer who contributed greatly to the Grammy’s. But no, partygoers continued to come and party in the very hotel where she died, and where her body remained through the night while they conducted their investigation. Now that is way more offensive and despicable than this photo! She is not Jesus Christ and this is what happens when people put the importance of a human life at a higher value than God himself. These obsessed fans need to get a grip. If she were a regular Joe, nobody would give a crap, and all the hype is just adding more to the hype. Find something better to talk about, like the fact that innocent children are being murdered and tortured in Syria. What a shame.

  14. I know right?

  15. Maria Conchita Alonso | March 2, 2012 at 9:01 pm | Reply

    The lady was the finest singer in the world. I wish i can look as serene and beautiful when my time comes. I want to be buried in Cuba where I was born or my ashes to be tossed in the Baring Sea. Whitney taught me so many things as a singer. I pray for her soul and pray that people love me as much when Im no longer in this planet.

  16. What seems to be the problem. Did we all forget John Lennon, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, lying in state on the cover of the Daily News, Newsday, etc…. Whitney was wonderful, but absolutely not Presidential or “Lennon” status. She was an icon however not a saint, I say, no harm done.

  17. Everyone loved her performances. Her family and close friends were able to view. What’s wrong with everyone seeing her one last time. So beautiful, so sad.

  18. Whitney was an Icon….. Was I shocked that someone would do such a dispicable thing? Of course not…. Death is a part of life… but, who really needs that much reality? She could never be replaced… She made sure of that! God bless you Whitney… you are in such a better place than all of us! Mwah!

  19. May she R.I.P.
    When I go … I am taking my whole Five dollars with me … Just in case I’m not excepted in heaven and have to return.

  20. Oh really, who cares. We all clicked on it and Yes she looks beautiful. Just like I wanted to see my brothers, and was denied, somehow seeing someone you loved and admired in a coffin brings closure—-especially after all the hype. No internet in 77 when Elvis was in a coffin, but I’d have looked at that too. I’m a middle aged white woman who is about as prudish and conservative as possible. I just don’t see the big deal.

    • Im more outraged that the family would bury her in 500k worth of jewels that will only be seen by worms in the future. That money could have been donated to charity…maybe a DRUG REHAB charity instead. Dead is Dead. You cant take it with you. Silly silly people.

    • Anthony Nixon | February 29, 2012 at 5:26 pm |

      Draper, the issue here is very simple. The jewels were the property of Whitney Houston obtained through years of hard work. If her family wanted her to be buried with them it is their right. That’s not silly! That’s just some brutally honesty for you. Don’t be a “Hater” all of your life.

    • Ms. Johnson | March 4, 2012 at 10:25 am |

      Well Said A. Nixon!!!!

      I couldn’t have put it better myself. And hate and jealousy is so unhealthy!!

      Sidebar: She looked absolutely gorgeous and certainly didn’t need the jewels to add to her natural beauty, but the extra sparkle was nice and classy. And let’s face it, Whitney was extremely rich and successful and because of that was used to the finest things in life. She earned it, had it, could afford it and lived it. Go Whitney! When you can walk around on any given day in your life wearing jewelry of that value and MORE, why not be buried with it, it was hers. Actually, 500k is probably nothing to that family as I’m sure she/they have much more than that and probably had to downgrade to “only” dress her with that small amount, a drop in the bucket for them as they can afford to “bury” 500K and not think twice. Go Houston family! She’s earned it!!

      R.I.P. Whitney!! God Bless you Houston Family! Stay strong and be proud.

  21. My opinion is that it is ceratinly a violation because the family; I am sure; did not condone this whatsoever. In turn, I think you all have agree on one fact; photgraphing ‘the dead’ has been around as long as the invention of the camera itself. Just google ‘death photos wild west’ and all kinds of images pop up of people (in our own Country) who have died as a result of hanging or who were shot up in a gun fight (Bonnie and Clyde) …etc. I wonder if there was any backlash to those photos; was there anyone fighting for those peoples’ privacy back then? And how about all the photos of those who died as a result of ‘War’…from the Civil all the way up to present day? And what about all those people who, no so long ago, were clamouring for a photo of Bin Laden after he met his demise? Death is a part of Life, I get that; but still, I do not think that sneaking a photo of a deceased person for personal gain should be praised.

  22. I think she looked beautiful, but it should have been the families decision if they wanted the photo of her published. Thats what is wrong with everyone today people have no respect for other peoples feeling in this case her families! RIP whitney !

  23. Moderate this…you b***es!

  24. And yall are no better than the National Enquirer for posting the exact same thing on your website. This is disgusting.

  25. Why the big fuss ? Whitney looks so at peace in the photo . I am surprised at some double-standard westerners : death of others ok to exploit ? Death is in all religions part of the cycle of life ; why be in denial of it . If a soul was at agony in this life , it is at peace with the mighty Creator . May she RIP; say a prayer for all the sufferers of men’s cruelty against their brothers in humanity.

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