Jenny Montes Left at the Alter by Oakland Raiders Jason Campbell

Jenny Montes PicsJenny Montes and Jason Campbell cancelled their Dominican Republic wedding just hours before the ceremony was set to start. Leaving their 162 guests at the pre-wedding party not knowing why the wedding was off.

Pictures of Jenny Montes and Jason Campbell were on their wedding site, but the site was taken down Tuesday morning, shortly before the wedding. The couple had 23 attendants, not including the bride and groom, in the wedding party. It’s still not clear if the marriage has been postponed or if it’s called off for good.

In a phone conversation with the Washington Post, Jason Campbell said, “I love her enough not to leave her at the altar. I love her enough to talk to her before it gets that far.”

When he was asked about the rumors that were spreading around about him calling off the wedding he said, “That stuff is just crazy. Jenny’s a good person and I’m a good person. I don’t even know why people would put all those lies out there. ” He said the two decided to go ahead with the trip to the Caribbean Island and “just made a vacation out of it.”

“We’re not trying to force anything right now. We’re taking everything one day at a time, trying to let all the air and the dust clear,” he added in the phone conversation.

Quarterback Jason Campbell met Jenny Montes as a nightclub in Washington D.C. while he was playing for the Redskins. They first became romantically involved in 2005, when he saw her dancing on the bar, but decided to stay friends after that. When Jason Campbell broke up with his girlfriend two years ago, his and Jenny Montes romance started and they started dating. They moved in together in Washington D.C., along with Montes’s 8-year-old daughter from a previous relationship.

Almost a year later in 2010, Jason Campbell proposed to Jenny Montes on New Year’s Eve, which is also the same day as his birthday.

Jason Campbell broke his collarbone in a Raiders game against the Cleveland Browns in October. He was on the verge of signing and negotiating a free agent contract for a big price.

Initially, was the wedding called off or postponed? Kate Longworth tweeted, “Spoke w/ #JasonCampbell re: some ‘wedding rumors’ he denied leaving his fiancé at the alter, saying it’s not in his character to do that” Adding, “(Cont) #JasonCampbell: they mutually decided to hold off wedding because of personal reasons and asked for respect on this private matter.”

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