Google Docs for Android Updated With Collaboration Option

Google Docs For Android Collaboration

Today Google made it’s Google Docs for Android App that much better for people that are fan of using Google’s office competitor products. One feature that many users were missing that they were used to with Google Docs was collaboration.

With collaboration in Google Docs users can edit documents together and see edits and changed in real time from all users. Now Google Docs App on Android will have the same collaboration features as all other versions. Google has decided to announce this new feature with a video that demonstrates a practical use.

The new video that was released is titled, “Best Best Man – Google Docs for Android” and has the description, “The best man gets help from the wedding party on the Best Best Man speech. Collaborate anywhere with the updated Google Docs app for Android.” The video starts with a best man working on his speech for an upcoming wedding.

After doing some edits himself on a Motorola Xoom tablet he uses the “Add Collaborators” feature in the updated Google Docs for tablets and smartphones. The best man selects people to add as collaborators and they start adding notes and helping him write his speech. Friends of the wedding party edit the speech from their smartphones and rearrange text together showing off the real-time changes in the speech.

Everyone chats at the top of the speech by adding their own taglines like, “Good luck!”, “You got this!” and “Don’t mess up :-p” with their usernames shown beside their edits. The video closes out with a piece of silverware hitting a glass in audio form and displays Google’s tagline for this update, “Collaborate Anywhere – Google Docs for Android.”

You can download the new Google Docs with Collaboration in the Android Marketplace right now.

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