Chris Brown and Rihanna Back Together? Birthday Cake Remix Turns Heads

Rihanna and Chris Brown Birthday CakeChris Brown and Rihanna might be back together, according to sources who saw them together during her Birthday on February 13.

At her Birthday party, Rihanna and Chris Brown arrived together around 1:00 a.m. and he stood by her the entire time. A witness shared what they saw at the party, “He was touching her butt, rubbing her arm, and they kept dancing with each other. They seemed like a couple to everyone. At one point, he went up to La La Anthony and said, ‘Isn’t Rihanna beautiful?”

Chris Brown tried to have all the guests at Rihanna’s party sign a confidentiality agreement. Hollywood Life reported, “Before strolling into the event, Chris Brown tried to make all the guests, who included Katy Perry, Bruno Mars and Chris Martin, sign a non-disclosure agreement that they wouldn’t tell anyone he was there.”

“The reason he did this? He didn’t want his girlfriend Karrueche Tran to find out that he was there.”

That’s not all Chris Brown and Rihanna have been doing together. They released two tracks together on Monday night announcing it via Twitter. “Birthday Cake” and “Turn Up the Music” were the two collaboration remixes done together.

There were mixed feelings from the fans. Some believe that Rihanna shouldn’t be collaborating with Chris Brown. Fans on Twitter have been saying things like:

“Starting to think Rihanna maybe doesn’t have the best instincts.”

“Rihanna’s fans should accept her collaboration with Brown as a positive example of forgiveness – The-Dream”

“Rihanna wouldn’t normally associate with a guy that put her in hospital, but he was her boyfriend, you see. That makes it alright.”

“Chris & Rihanna aren’t loosing fans. They’re loosing fakes.”

“Dear Rihanna, you’re setting a GREAT example for young girls by working w the guy that turned your face into hamburger. Regards, womankind”

Chris Brown is currently serving 5 years probation after brutally assaulting Rihanna three years ago on the night before the Grammys. Hip-hop blogger and tastemaker Karen Civi said about the two working together, “I think that it can only help them both at this time. We can’t go back and change what’s already been done, or recorded and released in this case. Will it hurt Rihanna’s career? Perhaps, in the aspect of standing up against domestic violence. However a listener or fan cannot dictate someone’s life, and she is entitled to her own decisions.”

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