Mardi Gras King Bacchus in 2012 was Will Ferrell During Parade

Mardi Gras King Will Ferrell 2012

If you were partying Sunday night during the Mardi Gras parade you probably saw Will Ferrell careening down the street throwing beads at everyone in the crowd and waving. The Mardi Gras King Bacchus for 2012 was Mr. Will Ferrell himself.

On December 15th, 2011 it was announced by Owen Brennen that Will Ferrell would be filling the shoes of King Bacchus. Bacchus 44 was presented with a funny accent that almost didn’t resemble Mr. Will Ferrell’s name. It was asked why Will was chosen for the position.

King’s are selected by a huge network of people. It was mentioned that Will Ferrell was filming a movie about Louisiana politics and that he had been walking around town like a local. The people that choose King Bacchus ran into a group affiliated with Will Ferrell and they proposed the offer and he accepted.

We have found a lot of YouTube videos of users that shared their experience of seeing will in the Mardi Gras parade in 2012. There are some daytime Mardi Gras Parade videos from Sunday February 19th, 2012 and also some nighttime party videos where people are starting to get a little rowdy. You can see Mr. Ferrell throwing Mardi Gras beads, candy and all kinds of trinkets and balls out into the parade audience as they cheer him on.

Will was interviewed in the Times-Picayune newspaper about his expected experience of the Mardi Gras parade and how people were reacting to him being chosen. Will said in the interview he was running into the same type of questions. Will said, “I don’t know what to expect. I do have to say, everybody is coming up to me and…they have the same speech pattern. They go ‘Have you been here before for Mardi Gras?’ And I say ‘No.’ Then they pause. ‘Oh. You’re going to have a good time.'”

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