Frankfurt Airport Strike Cancels Flights

Frankfurt Airport StrikeThe Frankfurt airport strike caused 240 flights to be cancelled on Monday. Around 190 of Fraport’s traffic-operation-center employees, apron controllers and apron supervision staff went on strike Thursday and Friday to seek better pay and conditions and will continue into Tuesday.

Spokeswoman Stephanie Wagener said,”Fraport AG, canceled 240 takeoffs and landings out of the 1,250 planned, most involving short-haul destinations. At least 70 percent of services should operate tomorrow.”

The majority of the cancellations were flights operated by Lufthansa to destinations within Europe. The airline has been scratching flights ahead of time and listing them on its website to ease operations. The Associated Press reported that passengers who entered their mobile phone numbers in their online profiles were being notified by text message about future cancellations.

According to documents by Fraport, the union is demanding pay rises of 25 to 50 percent, depending on a worker’s grade, as well as increased bonuses and reduced working hours. An airport operator said, “Fraport is willing to negotiate at any time if the GdF is ready to make compromises and if it ends its strike action. The excessive demands and the stubborn attitude from GdF are affecting passengers, airlines and our employees. This must come to an end.”

Frankfurt airport is the third-busiest in Europe after London-Heathrow and Paris Charles de Gaulle. The airport employee walkouts last week cost them $4.6-5.3 million in revenue.

An analyst for Silvia Quandt, Stefan Kick said, “Fraport is making the right move by holding out, even at the risk of a protracted battle, rather than giving in to workers’ demands. If Fraport agreed to the wage increases the company would run the risk that other small but important employee groups also ask for massive wage increases.”

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