Cope Twins Maxim Photos & Behind The Scenes NASCAR Shoot & Video

Cope Twins MAXIM magazine

The MAXIM issue to hit shelves has the Cope Twins, Angela Cope & Amber Cope in a spread that is themed with NASCAR cars and racing in their entire photo shoot. The Cope Twins Maxim photos are expected to bring quite a bit of fanfare and interest to this months issue of Maxim magazine.

As a teaser to the issue Maxim also did an interview with the Cope Twins before their NASCAR Photos were taken for the issue. The Cope Twins are Nascar drivers and have a lot of good looks to go along with their skills in driving in the Nascar sport that is typically dominated by male drivers.

The Maxim interview of the Cope Twins is introduced as, “No, watching cars go in circles for hours hasn’t got you seeing double—there really are two of them! Although NASCAR stunners Angela and Amber may look like they’re more suited for the runway than the speedway, they’re actually third-generation members of the Cope racing family. They get back on the track for the NASCAR Nationwide Series this spring, so keep your eyes on the road!”

The girls are asked by Maxim, “As racecar drivers do you think hooking up in the backseat is cliche?” In response Amber Cope says, “I think that sounds hot! I’ve never done, but I would.” Angela Cope responds, “Amber is single, guys.” With Amber replying, “Stop! See, that’s how you all tell the difference between us. Angela is the mean twin.” The rest of the interview is provided my Maxim on their feature page simply titled, “The Cope Twins.”

The behind the scenes photoshoot video shows the Cope Twins Maxim photos being taken in garages with Nascar cars in skimy shorts, bikinis and lots of skin revealing clothing. You wouldn’t really expect anything different from a Maxim photo shoot, would you?

The video is titled: “Buckle Up and take a ride with NASCAR’s smokin’ hot sisters Angela and Amber Cope!”

Amber and Angela Cope also have their own YouTube channel and have a great video that talks about them trying to break history in Nascar as well as thanking their sponsors. They describe their video as: Cope Twins Try to Make NASCAR History Again in 2011; Will Attempt First Nationwide Series Starts at Iowa Speedway. Odyssey Batteries Steps Up Again as Co-Sponsor of Twins; Joined by Warrior Energy, Others as Supporters of Nieces of Daytona 500 Champ Derrike Cope

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