Naked Man, Verdon Lamont Taylor Steals Socks from Walmart

Verdon Lamont TaylorVerdon Lamont Taylor, 32-years old was arrested after walking into Walmart naked and stealing a pair of socks.

On Wednesday night around 5:30 p.m. local time, Walmart employees called police and told them there was a naked man walking around the store. When police officers arrived, they found Verdon Taylor in Walmart wearing only socks.

Police reviewed the surveillance video and say the Pennsylvania man stripped naked in the Exton Walmart parking lot before going inside.  While stripping naked in the parking lot, cars were swerving to avoid the man getting naked.  The video shows the man walking to the Walmart store and once inside, heading to the customer service counter, grabbing a pair of socks, and then putting them on his feet, all while naked.  The surveillance camera shows the 6-foot-4, 300 pound man walking around the store naked.

The naked man continued to walk around Walmart with his stolen socks on while customers moved to avoid him.

Authorities say they used a stun gun to subdue him after he refused to comply with officers’ orders. Verdon Lamont Taylor then spit in an officer’s face. Authorities restrained him and loaded him into an ambulance.

West Whiteland Police Department Detective Scott Pezick told the Daily News, “He was just babbling and talking incoherent. He was making some references that caused us to believe there was a substance abuse issue. It’s a unique situation. I’ve never had anything like this.”

Verdon Lamont Taylor lives on the 100 block of East Church Street in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. He was charged with indecent exposure, aggravated assault, simple assault, retail theft, receiving stolen property and disorderly conduct. He is being held at Chester County Prison on $50,000 cash bail.   According to The Associated Press. online court records do not list an attorney for Taylor.

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