Adele’s Political Action Against Newt at the Grammy Awards

Adele Newt Parody VideoPlease read Disclaimer below. The video is a spoof.

The Queen of the 2012 Grammy Award’s that took place last Sunday night, February 12th, Adele, didn’t hesitate to use her power and influence to take political action during the Grammy commercials. It may have been kept on the “hush hush,” as few have yet to report it, but Adele, who won six awards that night, including the highly coveted “Album of the Year” decided to take a break from singing about “rubbish relationships,” as she would call the subject of her Album, 21, and sing instead, about rubbish politics. Perhaps, starting the night in an exclusive interview for 60 Minutes by Anderson Cooper motivated the singer to use her strong vocal chords and voice to be a booming negative political case against the former Speaker of the House and current controversial GOP republican candidate, Newt Gingrich.

Newt has received negative attention in the past for criticizing Clinton for his extramarital affairs, yet having multiple affairs himself, and his highly recommended resignation as Speaker in 1998 under Clinton’s presidential term. Most recently, negative attention has leant to the policies he wishes to propose, should he win the nomination, such as the implementation of student janitorial worker programs in public schools and his desire to fund the building of a base on the moon. He has been accused of being, as Adele would put it, “A political insider.”

The negative accusations were all highlighted in Adele’s version of “Someone Like You,” renamed “(Any guy besides) Someone Like Newt.” She performed the rendition during the commercial break for the Grammy Awards in a polished, dramatic, and perhaps, quite brave political performance. Many musical artists in the past have taken their moment in the lime-light to express their political views, only to be reprimanded by their fans and take a huge hit in ratings (ie. The Dixie Chicks); however, it appears no one doubts Adele will have any trouble influencing an audience that just saw her win every category she was nominated for (that’s as many Grammy’s as Whitney Houston won in her entire Career).

“Someone Like You” won one of those awards and one can only wonder whether “Someone Like Newt” will gain any sort of popularity on the political stage. Considering Newt has been slipping in the polls in the recent primaries since South Carolina, it may not be long before his critics pick up this hot new single.


It has come to Z6Mag’s attention that one of our writers submitted this story thinking it was true. We have vetted the information and found the video is a spoof and the story associated with it is not accurate. Sorry for any confusion. We at aim for accuracy and truth and will do our best to keep a similar error from happening again. Thanks for reading


Joel Mackey
Executive Editor

Image Source: The Atlantic

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  1. This website is now a fantasy of fairy tales.

  2. No way she would be that stupid to get involved in American Politics.

  3. taylor hazlehurst | February 17, 2012 at 5:16 pm | Reply

    I just started submitting articles for Z6mag recently, and I did not intend to report a fake story. In fact, I am quite humiliated by the whole thing. I have been very busy lately and did not check my source well enough. I figured that the Atlantic was a credible source and sadly, they are not. I happen to be good friends with the Executive Editor, Joel Mackey, and usually he is very on top of the stories he publishes, but I think he, perhaps trusted that I would do my homework.

    Knowing him personally, however, I know that he, his wife, and the rest of Z6 are very thorough in their research and have learned from this experience to be more thorough in approving articles that have been submitted. It was an unfortunate mistake, but I do hope that you will forgive me and continue to read Z6mag.

    I really enjoy the articles Z6 publishes. I know they strive very hard to report very accurate, entertaining, and interesting stories. They always appreciate and learn from the feedback they receive.

    Again, my apologies and warmest regards,

    Taylor Hazlehurst

  4. FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! No matter what we, Adele, or Newt believe in, this post by Z6Mag is outrageously desperate leaving a bad impression and a bad reputation for whomever owns this site and whomever edited this video. The Atlantic & Z6Mag…Shame on you both!

  5. You do realize this is completely fake, right? Some people are so gullible.

  6. That was actually extremely witty at points. I laughed out loud at a couple points.

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