Glee’s I Will Always Love You Rendition of Whitney Houston’s Classic A Hit

Glee Whitney Houston
It only took a few days after Whitney Houston’s death for Glee to put together a special Whitney Houston episode dedicating most of the show to her. One of the most amazing highlights of the Glee episode was when Amber Partice Riley sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.”

The song was featured on February 14th, 2012 on CBS’s Glee and has been a big hit since then. The YouTube video has received 230,000 views so far just 24 hours later and is still rising fast getting linked and referred to everywhere. The video also shows most people liked it with 15,243 likes and 106 likes, a pretty good ratio.

February 15th, 2012 was Amber Riley’s birthday and she received accolades all day on Twitter for her amazing, “I Will Always Love You” Whitney Houston cover on Glee. Some of the most popular tweets sent by Amber Riley about her Birthday and the performance after Whitney Houston’s death are:




According to US Weekly the cover of Whitney’s I Will Always Love You was already picked out and planned by the production team for Glee. The death of Whitney Houston encouraged the show’s producer to expedite the shows feature of this song. Whitney Houston got a tribute that was shown on screen at the end of the Glee episode that read, “Whitney Houston 1963-2012. We Will always love you.”

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