Costa Rica Earthquake 5.8 Magnitude

Earthquake todayA 5.8 magnitude earthquake in Costa Rica happened around 4:55 a.m. local time or 5:55 a.m. EST. The U.S. Geological Survey reports that the Costa Rica earthquake happened 46 miles South of San Jose, 71 miles NorthWest of Golfito, 74 miles SouthEast of Puntarenas and83 miles SouthWest of Limon.

The Costa Rica earthquake was 17 miles deep, but not damage or injuries have been reported at this time. According to Johnny Nunez, a spokesman for the Central American country’s seismological observatory, known as Ovsicori, there have been no tsunami warnings placed.

In an earlier preliminary reading, the U.S. Geological Survey estimated a higher earthquake for Monday morning. With an earthquake estimate to be at 6.1 instead of the 5.8-magnitude in Costa Rica.

An employee at La Mansion hotel in Quepos, Juan Manuel Salazar said that the earthquake shook the hotel building for about 20 seconds, but no damage has been reported.

Red Cross spokesman, Alexander Porras says that residents reported shaking from the earthquake in buildings. One resident from Quepos reported, “I woke up 40 minutes ago to the bed shaking. Since we live on the side of the mountain, I got out the door as fast as I could. Sun is up now. Don’t see any problems and most of the people seem not to notice or care.”

Some people could feel the Costa Rica earthquake in Panama, reporting that they “woke to our bed shaking. Very short duration.”

Frequent earthquakes in Costa Rica are caused by the collision and movement of the two main tectonic plates around Costa Rica: the Cocos plate (Pacific) and the Atlantic plate. Seismic waves are caused when the friction between the two plates can’t accumulate further and must be released. Small-scale tremors and earthquakes are common and extremely harmless, but strong earthquakes occur less often, according to Info Costa Rica.

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