Whitney Houston Leaves Club With Blood Dripping Down Her Leg

Whitney Leaves Club With Blood Down Leg
A video that has been pulled from YouTube but reuploaded had some extra information about Whitney Houston right before her untimely death. Many people in the YouTube community encouraged that the video come down and be removed from YouTube.

Unfortunately the video approaches Whitney’s troubles with intoxication and emotional problems in a giddy light. It shows how terrible it truly is when Hollywood reporters prey on Hollywood Stars until they crumble.

One of the statements in the video will leave your jaw hanging open when the reporter states, “We are happy to see Whitney back out in the scene, even if she is acting crazy. Cause, I’ll admit it, it’s a lot more fun to watch!”

The full description that went with the original video was as follows:

This was posted a day before Whitney Houston’s death.

The YouTube community was calling that the originators take it down. It is being put here to show how giddy “entertainment reporters” are when celebrities are having problems in their life.

Original description:

Whitney Houston hasnʼt hit a red carpet in over a year, but last night she actually performed at a pre-Grammy party. She was acting and looking like a hot mess!!

Her performance at the pre-Grammy Party at TruHollywood was a hit, but afterwards it all went downhill.

When she left the club, she seemed disoriented and angry and had blood dripping down her leg and scratch marks on her wrists. She looked disheveled and appeared to be shouting and pointing at someone as she was led out of the nightclub by a few concerned-looking friends.

Whitney seemed to be intoxicated or using other substances as she stumbled to her waiting car. But as soon as she got in the backseat, she pretty much immediately calmed down…and then passed out.

We are happy to see Whitney back out in the scene, even if she is acting crazy. Cause, I’ll admit it, it’s a lot more fun to watch!

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5 Comments on "Whitney Houston Leaves Club With Blood Dripping Down Her Leg"

  1. Hang in there Bobbi Christina! Your mom is still with you baby… you have so much to be proud of… your mom was a phenomenal woman… you are a part of her… so therefore, you are phenomenal! Hold your head up darling… be strong and proud… you have every right to be… trust me! Your mom is loved around the world girl… just watch, you’ll see… you are her legacy… grasp it boo!

  2. I really think people should stop judging and respect Whitney’s family at this time. My goodness, she does have a daughter and other close family that loves her dearly.Everyone has a flaw or imperfection that needs improvement. When will we as humans, stop looking for all of the downfalls in the lives of others…..Life is too short, be the best that you can be and stop worrying about what other people are doing. It is time to take inventory of ourselves….

    • And Whitney was all that she could be? Get real. She had an opportunity afforded the incredibly few and pissed it away. It cost her own life to remain in it. If I have the choice between that kind of fame or living a simpler life immediately assisting those around me, guess what… you can’t give me a voice that speaks louder than that.

  3. Something sure does not add up though. A day before she dies she is leaving the club upset with blood runing down her leg? Was there a fight? I think someone got into her hotel room someway and drowned her in the bath tub. R.I.P Whitney

  4. SHAME ON YOU, your not a late night talk show hosts and your humor is so tasteless. Your not the host from the tv show THE SOUP!!!
    DON”T SELL out just to get on TV bc it is so tasteless. People’s mental state are not for entertainment. Gosh your not the brightest bulb are ya???

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