Walmart kidnapping video of Brittney Baxter, Suspect Arrested

Walmart Kidnapping Video
These days you never know what can happen in public and a little girl in West Georgia got a surprise of her life. A Walmart kidnapping video was made from a CTV camera inside of Wal-Mart as 7 year old Brittney Baxter fought to keep herself from being taken away.

How did Brittney Baxter know the right things to do when Thomas A. Woods of Austell, Georgia tried to grab her? Apparently it was “Stranger Danger” training that teaches young kids what to do when strangers approach them or something goes wrong. Brittney Baxeter was interviewed by CBS Atlanta and said, “I was kicking and screaming, and then he put his hand over my mouth, but I kept kicking.”

Thomas Woods had just been released from prison in October of 2011 for manslaughter. Mr. Woods got a lesser charge when he accepted involuntary manslaughter charges after he made a confession and led police to his muder scene. Mr. Woods was found guilty of killing his Uncle, James Michael Price after he was found using a credit card after the uncle went missing in July 2004. Thomas Woods was released on probation and found his way to that Georgia Wal-Mart where Brittney Baxter was.

You can see in the kidnapping video inside of Wal-Mart as Mr. Woods cases the scene and walks around in the toy aisle. Brittney Baxer is scene being picked up in the air by Mr. Woods as she flails and kicks and he puts his arm over her mouth as she finally breaks lose from fighting so hard. After trying to kidnap Brittney Mr. Woods turn around and ran out of the store. Police were lucky that the store cameras caught the Wal-Mart kidnapping on video.

The vehicle that matched a description of the person scene in the video was found miles away in another town in Georgia called Tallapoosa. Mr. Woods was arrested and put in handcuffs and told the police, “I was never there” when they asked him about the Wal-Mart kidnap scene they had seen on CTV camera.

We are providing two different videos of the Brittney Baxter kidnapping incident. The first video is directly from security camera footage capturing the kidnap incident in Wal-Mart. The second video provides that footage as well as an interview of Brittney Baxter herself and her mother.

The second video has this description with it:

A seven-year-old American girl escaped an alleged abduction attempt at a Walmart store, in an incident that was caught on camera.

Footage shows a man approach Georgia schoolgirl Brittney Baxter from behind as she was looking at toys in Bremen Walmart. The man grabbed the young girl and tried to put his hand over her mouth.

But he was forced to let go of Brittney after she struggled and screamed.

“I was just trying to kick as hard as I can,” Brittney told WSBTV.

Brittney said the man first started talking to her as she was looking at toys.

“I just said, ‘I’m going to see what my momma is doing,’ and he just grabbed me and picked me up,” she said.

Brittney’s mother, Georgeann Baxter, was picking up groceries only metres away from Brittney when the attack took place.

“I was freaking out at that point. I just couldn’t believe it,” Ms Baxter said.

Thomas Woods, 25, was arrested after police used CCTV footage to identify a getaway car and traced it back to him, WSBTV reports. Woods, who was recently released from prison, told police he was not in the store.

He was charged with attempted kidnapping.

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