Steve Jobs FBI file details GPA, LSD, Bomb Threats, Security Clearance & More

Steve Jobs FBI FileOn Thursday February 9th, 2012 the FBI released the Steve Jobs FBI file due to the Freedom of Information Act. The file is a 191 page document which we’ve provided below so that you can read it, download it or print it yourself. The legal name for Mr. Jobs revealed in the file is Steven Paul Jobs.

It seems the reason for the collection of information, background checks and character scrutinizing was because Steve Jobs was being considered for a Presidential Appointment to George H.W. Bush’s administration (Bush #1). The appointment was to be for the President’s Export Council and most of the information and interviews were collected in 1991 by close associates of Steve Jobs.

Many of the people interviewed recommended jobs for the Presidential Appointment stating he had integrity and honest business dealings in their recollection. The Associated Press got confirmation from the Commerce Department that Steve Jobs did in fact serve on the council he was recommended for during the first Bush administration.

While many reports and information has surfaced before of Steve Job’s drug use, it was confirmed in this FBI investigation. The interviews reviewed that Steve Jobs LSD use and marijuana use were things he did while in college and finding himself. Mr. Jobs had never denied using LSD and marijuana while he was young.

A Top Secret Security Clearance was brought up in Steve Job’s FBI report detailing when it was and when it was terminated. The top secret clearance for Mr. Jobs started in 1988 and was canceled in 1990. Steve Jobs was working at Pixar in the same time as the top secret clearance and was listed as his employer. had sources contact them and said, “A source who worked with Jobs emailed to say “several people had security clearances at Pixar since, in the early days, they were selling an image rendering software system that could be used to enhance satellite surveillance photographs and film.”

Another interesting thing discussed in the 191 page FBI file on Steve Jobs was references to a bomb threat Apple Computer received. It seems that on February, 7th, 1985 Apple received a $1 million bomb threat and memos and handwritten notes were included in the report. The bomb threat was described by the FBI as, “An unidentified male caller made a series of telephone calls to [redacted] of Apple computer Inc. […] and advised that ‘devices’ had been placed in homes of captioned individuals [redacted] and one million dollars must be paid.”

For all those wondering if Steve Jobs was a high school genius before he became a college dropout, you’ll get information on that too. Steve Job’s GPA in High School was revealed in the report to have been 2.65 GPA.

We’ve also included three video news reports on the Steve Jobs FBI file with extra interviews and analysis. The Wall Street Journal video interview is titled, “What the FBI Had on Steve Jobs.” The CNN video news report is titled, “FBI File” Steve Jobs ‘deceptive’.”

Steve Jobs FBI File

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  1. He might be no genius in high school but he is a visionnaire with a dream. That itself is inspiring when we can learn from a tech icon like him that a dream is all it takes to take us across the universe. A good GPA score does not even matter if we have a dream. Like Steve Jobs.

  2. fascism is what’s happened.

  3. “Truth is treason in the empire of lies.”

    Have we really come to a point where simply telling the truth about something or somebody is considered “not nice”?

    What happened to this country?

  4. Bilbo, come back to the Shire. Your precious is waiting.

  5. Bilbo, stop acting like a 16 yr old fanboy.

  6. This guy makes a significant impact in a positive way. Let’s just bash him and say how awful a person he is when he is gone. Grow up Z6 Mag. You guys are just a bunch of peens. Show some respect.

    • Allan Soldner | February 11, 2012 at 4:32 pm |

      We didn’t bash Steve Jobs Bilbo. We just reported on what is in the FBI file. There is no where in a our document where we said he was an awful person either. We report the news, don’t shoot the messenger! 🙂 Thank you for the comment all the same sir.

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