Three Kindle Fires Still Less Than One iPad, Amazon Ad Touts

Three Kindles The Price of One iPad
Well you can’t really argue with the facts but Amazon has put out a new ad that is getting some attention due to either the humor the reality that hey, tablets can be cheap too.

The Kindle commercial starts with a poolside escape as a guy comes around checks out a woman laying in the sun getting a tan that is reading a book on her Amazon Kindle. The man says, “Hey excuse me, that’s the new Kindle isn’t it… $79 dollars.” The woman responds, “Best way to read, even in sunlight.” The man responds, “Yeah, but I mean if you want to watch movies or surf the web…” The woman responds, “I’ve got a Kindle Fire for that.”

The woman glances over at her kids on two Kindle Fire tablets while they’re in the cabana playing Word with Friends and watching a TV show on their streaming Kindles. The man looks at her and says, “Three Kindles, that’s got to be expensive.” … The woman smiles and says, “Yeah but they’re still less than that.” She looks at his iPad with a big smile and he looks at her and says, “Someone sitting here?” … The woman responds, “My husband.”

The bouncy music kicks and and then displays the call to action for customers in the add displaying the Kindle line of products. The Kindle fire is displayed for $199 and the Kindle for $79 with an Amazon logo. It seems this ad is just in time for a summer debate as to which tablet is best for the family poolside. Amazon seems to think it’s the Kindle Fire and Kindle eReader.

Amazon Kindle’s description for their video is: “Kindle and Kindle Fire are perfect for any getaway. The new Kindle is $79 and is the best way to read in bright sunlight. The Kindle Fire is $199 and offers instant access to the web, movies, apps, games, reading and more.”

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