My Dirty Valentine

What does it mean when someone says, “love is in the air”? Does it mean that some magical force has finally decided to give you the time of day? Is February 14th the one day a year when something totally romantic is definitely going to happen? Probably not. Keeping It Kleen’s new infographic proves to be a refreshing break from the usual Valentine’s Day content we are bombarded with. Whether it be the overly-romantic, pink, 10 things I want for Valentine’s Day articles, or the advice column that tells you how to make this V-day count for all you single people out there – Keeping It Kleen is thinking outside the box, and it is much appreciated.

The infographic is a type of battle of the sexes, but both sides bring on some unique statistics that will make your head spin, and probably laugh out loud in shock. For instance: 52% of women brush their teeth twice a day, in contrast with 31% of men. That should be nice to kiss this Valentine’s Day. Also, did you know that while men clean the house considerably less than women, they are far more detailed?

These interesting facts, bring up the question of whether or not the less hygienic you are, the more pheromones you release. Many humans release pheromones through sweat, and women are known to release an abundance of pheromones during their menstrual cycles. However, evidence shows that while our senses may pick up on these, it never “goes to our head,” meaning we don’t actually process that this is happening, therefore we do not react the way less intelligent mammals might.

So it is not safe to say that dirtier is better, but it is a fun idea, and the fact that dirty underwear can carry up to one gram of poop is absolutely disgusting. The infographic was informative, funny, and will make all those out there with no one to call their own feel a lot better. This Valentine’s Day, I urge you to keep it clean: change your underwear, brush your teeth, and for goodness sake ladies, take a shower.

How Dirty is Your Date?
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