Mother Sues New York for $900 Trillion For Taking Her Kids & Placing Them in Foster Care

Mother Sues New York for $900 TrillionA Staten Island woman is suing New York for $900 trillion for removing her two boys from her custody, and placing them in a foster home more than three years ago. The two boys, then 12 and 10 years old, are now 16 and 13.

Fausat Ogunbayo, 46-years old, sued New York and the Administration for Children’s Services (ACS) for claiming she was mentally unstable and saying she wasn’t able to properly care for her children. She says they violated her civil right and her children’s. Fausat Ogunbayo is representing herself in court.

Fausat Ogunbayo states in her complaint to court that this gave her and her family, “over three years of terror, horror, grievous harm, time lost, substantial economic hardship and injuries.”

Mom Sues NYC For 900 Trillion

The court papers states that she mentally unstable and had refused treatment. She allegedly suffered from hallucinations and delusions, while also leaving the boys at home alone for extended periods while she was working. The Child Services found that she was leaving the boys home alone for up to seven hours after school and on weekends. But, there is no evidence that the children were in “imminent danger.”

The New York court says, “Proof of mental illness alone will not support a finding of neglect, unless there’s a causal link between the parent’s condition and actual or potential harm to the child. In fact, the boys had near-perfect attendance in school and were doing well, even thriving, academically, while in their mother’s care,” the appellate division added. “The boys were up to date on their medical examinations and vaccinations, and their heights and weights were appropriate for their ages.”

Doctors say they haven’t seen Fausat Ogunbayo behave in any way that makes her a bad mother. In November 2008, the children’s pediatrician sent in a statement, “they seemed to be well cared for during the eight preceding years in which they were patients.”

In 2008, after receiving several reports of suspected mistreatment, the Administration for Children’s Services decided to take custody away from Fausat Ogunbayo.

“She allegedly told a doctor her children’s skin was becoming darker each day, due to radiation. In another incident, she wrote her children’s school that the FBI and Secret Service were out to get the boys, ACS said in court papers. The agency contended that Ms. Ogunbayo insisted she was mentally stable, and the children were removed because she refused to seek “necessary treatment for her mental health issues,” the Staten Island Advance reported.

The oldest boy has been having some problems since he’s been in foster care. He’s been in trouble with the law and was arrested in August for alleged marijuana possession.

According to the city Law Department, the children will remain in ACS custody due to a petition pending in Family Court.


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