Chrome Android Browser Now A Reality In Android Market

Chrome Android Browser
Google has brought it’s powerful, sleek and fast browser technology to the Android phone. They’re calling this one beta dubbing it “Chrome for Android Beta.” Google released a video for a preview of what you can expect with the Chrome Android browser being demoed.

If you thought the new Chrome for Android beta browser was just for smart phones, don’t worry, your Android Tablets can run this new simple and speedy Chrome browser too. Any Android OS Tablets running Android 4.0 and higher are good to go with this Google beta program.

Google has touted this Chrome just like the other one you’re used to with your favorite features just for your phone or tablet.

The first feature that Google touts is the speed of the Chrome Android Browser. They say you can browse fast and pages load in a snap and hardware-accelerated page rendering lets you fly through long pages. Experience the mobile web, Chrome fast. In addition to browsing fast they say you can search fast too! Search and navigate from the same box. Choose from results that appear as you type. The top search result loads in the background, available instantly.

A lot of people are in love with the Chrome browser because it’s simple and it’s not cluttered with lots of other things to get in the way. Easy to use, easy to figure out. The simplicity has been kept a focus with the new Chrome for Android. It’s called tabs re-imagined by letting you open unlimited tabs on your phone or tablet. To switch between tabs, flip through them on your phone the way you would fan a deck of cards, or swipe from edge to edge. Your navigation on the mobile Chrome is still easy as pie while you can navigate with a simple, streamlined browser. Link Preview zooms in on links to make selecting the right link easier. Use Find in Page to locate specific words and scroll to see each match.

Everyone is worried about privacy these days and for good reason. You don’t want just anyone taking your data from your browsing experince so now your smart phone security and tablet security is still in tact. Incognito mode lets you browse the web on your phone or tablet without leaving traces of your history, cache, or local storage. You can also easily manage your Sync, Privacy, and Content settings, so you’re always in control.

Even more important than your privacy is your security so that your private information doen’t fall into the wrong hands. Chrome for Android brings the foundation of Chrome security and multi-process architecture to complement Android’s security framework.

There are tons of programmers and developers licking their chops figuring out what they can make for the new Chrome for Android setup and they weren’t forgotten here either. Chrome for Android brings state-of-the art HTML5 support to mobile. With Chrome Developer Tools, connect your phone or tablet to your computer to debug your web page as it is running on your mobile device.

CNET reveals some fun about the Chrome for Android beta by revealing some hidden Easter eggs you can find inside of your new mobile chrome. Just fire up your new Chrome for tablets and you’ll be able to catch these cool Android Browser Easter eggs.

  • Open 99 tabs and you’ll get a smiley
  • Swipe up 5 times and your tab stack does a flip
  • For more Easter Eggs check out the CNET article

To get your tour of the new Chrome for Android Beta you can play the video below produced by the Chrome development team:

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