Facebook Mobile Ads to bolster IPO offering by March 2012

Facebook Mobile Ads March 2012
Facebook just recently filed its S-1 to start the IPO process for when Facebook goes public. The offering is supposed to bring in $5 billion when it goes live. Millionaires will be created instantly the day the Facebook IPO comes to fruition. Until then, Facebook is planning to make that IPO offering seem even more valuable.

Multiple reports of Facebook planning to launch mobile ads on their Facebook App are coming out. It seems that Facebook is in talks with multiple ad agencies to place “featured stories” in to mobile feeds on people’s smart phones and mobile devices.

Mobile use has moved to an ever faster growing pace and Facebook and other companies are starting to try and dominate the market. Facebook has been known for not capitalizing on mobile growth as much and Mr. Zuckerberg has come out and said one of their new initiatives is making mobile successful.

Facebook mobile ads with contact and announcement dates were released originally by the Financial Times. The date set for Facebook Mobile Ads to launch is by March of 2012. Google also offers mobile PPC ads that allow people to target cellphones and tablets as well. With iPads and Android tablets dominating the market mobile & tablet ads have increasingly become more important.

Another source at Digiday reported that a specific agency has claimed to be apart of the Facebook Mobile ads launch. The company Razorfish revealed they will be a partner in the mobile ad offering and have been in talks with Facebook for years. On Digiday an interview said, “Razorfish mobile practice lead Paul Gelb confirmed the agency is currently engaged in pilot programs for “mobile and cross-platform rich-media ads,” and from what he’s seen, he’s “extremely excited” by the potential impact.” The Razorfish ad agency works with big brands like Mercedes-Benz, Intel and Disney.

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