What time does the SuperBowl start? Kickoff is 6:29pm EST

What Time Is Super Bowl 2012
Super Bowl XLVI Live StreamEveryone wants to know what time is the Super Bowl 2012 game? The Super Bowl XLVI will be starting after all the pre-game coverage tonight at 6:29pm EST, 5:29pm CST, 4:29pm MST, 3:29pm PST in the United States on NBC. The Superbowl will be broadcast in 1080p HD broadcast so you’ll be able to get video quality like you were there yourself.

This year you’ll be able to do some extra things that you have never been able to do watching Super Bowl 2012. You’ll be able to stream the Super Bowl LIVE Online at NBCSports.com.

You don’t have to wait for the live game coverage of the Super Bowl match between New York Giants and New England Patriots however, you can watch pre-game coverage now with live streaming at NBCSports.com too.

During the Super Bowl game and during pre-game coverage you will be able to choose from 4 different camera angles on the live stream: Main Camera View, Interior Camera View, Aerial View of Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis or Exterior View Camera Angle.

There will be social features built into this years Super Bowl 46 that will be available on the live stream. Currently there is a Twitter Battle that let’s people vote for their favorite NFL Football Team to win the game. The New York Giants currently have 53% of the vote and the New England Patriots have 47%.

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