Super Bowl Pizza Deals With Facts & Stats from Pizza Hut

Super Bowl Pizza Deals
This year Pizza Hut had an infographic created to help you visualize just how much pizza they are cranking out this year from Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis. While the NY Giants are battling it out with the New England Patriots Pizza Hut will be preparing for one of it’s biggest days of the year.

When New York and New England meet in the Big Game, professional football’s ultimate crown will be on the line and Pizza Hut is ramping up to deliver a championship spread at football parties across America. Pizza Hut is expect to surpass 2 million pizzas sold for the Big Game, making it the busiest day of the year. Here’s a play book for just how many pies that is:

There will be 2 million+ Pizzas Sold For Super Bowl 2012 by Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut has crowned pepperoni as the winner of the favorite topping of everyone in America. 80% of Super Bowl XLVI orders will include pepperoni; more than 14 Billion pepperonis were consumed last year at Pizza Hut – enough to circle the Earth 13.5 times.

Other crazy pizza stats from Pizza Hut is that all the pizzas they’ll make would be 442 miles of Pizza. That’s enough Pizza to go around the historic speedway in Indianapolis 176 times. The weight of all those pizzas is around 1,200 tons of dough according to Pizza Hut. That’s more than 5-times the weight of the Statue of Liberty.

Don’t forget about Pizza Sauce because what is a pizza without the marinara sauce? Pizza Hut will use over 90,000 gallons of Marinara sauce for Super Bowl 2012 pizza deals. That is enough marinara sauce to fill 5.7 million Boston Cream Donuts.

A lot of people are still ordering pizza the old way and with Pizza Hut during the Super Bowl XLVI pizza orders will be no different. They will have 2.5 million phone calls received by Pizza Hut on the day of the SuperBowl. From all those calls they’ll get 1.3 million orders placed for pies and 57,000 Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers will be on the roads in America. Who’s going to be making all those Super Bowl Pizza Hut pizzas? Well, there will be a total number of Pizza Hut employees working on the Super Bowl to create a large city with 120,000 employees working at Pizza Hut during the SuperBowl 2012.

Pizza Hut is also promoting a hashtag to help you comment and join the fun on their crazy Super Bowl Pizza statistics.


The #THATSALOTOFPIZZA hashtag can be used on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and blost posts. Twitter will allow you to search the hashtag #thatsalotofpizza and see what others have to say about this social media Super Bowl. If you love YouTube you could equate Pizza Hut’s 2 million pizzas into hours of YouTube video content, that would give you 228 years of viewing pleasure. If the 2 million pizzas for the Super Bowl deal hunters were Google searches, all of the Super Pizzas woudl be served up in just 2.8 seconds. If every new Twitter user got a pizza, Pizza Hut would run out of pizzas in 4 day. For your Facebook fans, if a pizza were given to every Facebook Status update, Pizza Hut would run out of pizza in 2.8 seconds.

Now that my friends is a LOT of PIZZA.

Pizza Hut is a major sponsor of the Super Bowl 2012 game between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. The Super Bowl Pizza specials this year by Pizza Hut are pretty good. Listed on the website they have a $10 Any Pizza, Any Size, Any Toppings deal.

Pizza Hut is also adding some Facebook gaming fun to their pizza coupon deals this year. The Pizza Hut Top This Contest will allow you to sing to win free Pizza. You “Like” their Facebook page to start the funa nd then you choose your options for competition. You can Get a chance to win a FREE Pizza Hut Pizza, Get Friends To Rate Your Video and then you can enter for a chance at fame and to win free Pizza Hut for a year!

If you’re wondering what time is the Super Bowl 2012 game, we’ve got you covered there. For all times, pre-game, live streaming times, how to watch the Super Bowl online just check out our post: What time does the SuperBowl start? Kickoff is 6:29pm EST

Super Bowl 2012 Pizza Hut Statistics

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