PeeWee Herman Guest Judge on Top Chef: Texas at the Alamo

Pee-Wee Herman Top ChefPee-wee Herman made an appearance on the Top Chef Texas as a guest judge. Pee-wee Herman was offering $5,000 in the Quickfire Challenge to the chef who could make the best pancake.

When the Top Chef contestants were told they were going to be making pancakes in their QuickFire Challenge, they were thinking it was going to be a kid. That’s when Pee Wee Herman rode in on his red Schwinn bike after more than 25-years since his “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure,” to the Alamo in San Antonio, Texas.

Pee Wee Herman says on Top Chef, “I Love pancakes. I’m not going to marry one, but I love them anyway. So, be creative, dress them up, make them exciting, happy, funny and delicious most of all.” Followed by that famous Pee Wee Herman giggle.

The Top Chef’s five remaining chefs had only 20 minutes to make pancakes. Pee Wee Herman tried Grayson’s ricotta buttermilk pancake that was shaped like Minnie Mouse and made all sorts of faces when eating it. He then said, “That’s the best pancake I’ve ever had!” Next was Sarah’s funfetti-inspired pancakes. Pee Wee Herman again said, “That’s the best pancake I’ve ever had!” Then there was Paul’s rolled pancakes with champagne Dippin’ Dots when Pee Wee Herman said, “That’s the best pancake I’ve ever had!” Lastly was Lindsay’s ricotta pancake that was served with creme fraiche and Pee Herman, yet again, yelled, “That’s the best pancake I’ve ever had!”
Although, Ed’s buttermilk chips of sorts pancakes were certainly Pee Wee Herman’s “best pancake I’ve ever had!” With Ed winning his first $5,000 QuickFire Challenge and winning Pee Wee Herman over on his pancakes.

At the end of the episode of Top Chef and at the time of elimination, Pee Wee Herman made the joke “They all failed, and all their dishes needed ketchup.” Grayson was the one to be eliminated.

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