Girl Can Talk Backwards On The Spot With Any Word

Girl Can Talk BackwardsSometimes YouTube reveals to us stupid human tricks that we never thought were possible. You can now rest assured, there is someone out there in Poteau, Oklahoma that can repeat any word you say to her right back at you, backwards.

The girl that is slowly becoming famous is a teenager in OK that is named Alyssa. Alyssa hangs out in a large van with her friends as they quiz her with as many words as they can. This girl can talk backwards on the spot with any word it seems with out any error.

Alyssa was going so good for awhile one of her friends asked her to start repeating the word in the right order and then repeat he word backwards. After that Alyssa started blurting out the word and then saying it backwards immediately. What’s amazing are even the syllables seem to be in place when she’s saying the words backwards.

No one has interviewed Alyssa yet on her backwards talking but there have been copycats seen on TV shows. It also remains to be seen whether someone decides they want to one-up Alyssa talking backwards. Stupid human tricks bring out competitions that never seem to end. It seems easy to do, until you actually try it. Personally, here at Z6mag we all gave it a try and failed horribly. What about you? ?sdrawkcab ti yas ouy naC

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  1. Not to minimize that this is pretty impressive, my dad used to speak entire sentences backward! 🙂

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