Woman Who Passed in 1995 Recently Found in Storage Unit

Dead Woman Found in Storage Unit

Image Courtesy of TampaBay.com

People keep lots of unusual things in storage units, from historical artifacts to Nicholas Cage’s long-lost comic book. But this story is a new one: the body of a woman who died in 1995 was found in a coffin in a U-Stor storage unit in Clearwater, Fla.

A U-Stor facility’s manager contacted the unit’s renter because she was two months behind on her rent. In pleading her case, the tenant told the manager that her grandmother was in the unit. Alarmed, the facility manager called Clearwater police, who arrived to investigate.
Imagine their surprise when they opened the unit and found, among old TVs and boxes, a blue coffin containing the skeletal remains of a woman who died 17 years ago. The tenant said ownership of the storage unit had been passed down from her mother, and she was unaware that her grandmother’s remains were stored there until her mother, on her deathbed, told the tenant last year. The storage unit had been in the family for 25 years.
Interestingly, the facility managers had been notified of suspicious contents in that unit, but hadn’t investigated due to a history of prank calls at the facility.
The woman’s death certificate has been located, and police say there was nothing suspicious about the way she died. There hasn’t been any news as to how or why the woman’s remains ended up in the family storage unit. However, improper disposal of a body is indeed a crime. No charges have been brought against the storage renter yet. On Friday, news came out that the renter’s mother’s remains had indeed been properly disposed of through a funeral home, quelling any suspicion that there was another storage unit with a sinister surprise somewhere in Clearwater.

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