Superbowl Commericals For 2012 Released by Audi – Vampire Party: Audi the Vampire Slayer #SoLongVampires

SuperBowl Commercials 2012 Audi

Audi Twitpic SuperBowl AdAudi will be appearing this year during the SuperBowl Commercials on Gameday showing off it’s new Audi S7 A7 Sedan. It seems that Audi has decided to capitilize on the popularity of Twightlight by using a vampire theme in their gameday spot.

The commercial starts out with a bunch of young adults in their twenties partying around a bonfire in the woods. They have acoustic guitars, containers of blood to sip on and superhuman feats like running up trees just like you’d see in Twilight.

The Audi S7 produced by the popular German automaker is revealed as a party attendee is driving through the winding woods in his Audi S7 smiling and listening to music while a big box of blood is revealed on the passenger floorboard. As the party goer arrives at the party he pulls up to the bonfire party with is Audi and vampires start to explose.

Audi the Vampire Slayer comes into fruition as the touted Audi LED headlights are revealed as, “Daylight, now in a headlight.” The social media marketing element comes into play here after this point where Audi displays their hashtag for the Twitter audience as: #SoLongVampires with a flash on the screen. The final shot is the Audi logo as their motto is displayed, “Truth in Engineering.” Audi has put out a tweet on January 25th, 2012 to feature their SuperBowl Commercial under the #SoLongVampires Hashtag. The tweet says: @Audi: Every trend has a shelf-life… Even the immortal ones. Our LEDs will take care of this one at #SB46 – #SoLongVampires.

As usual millions of people will turn on the SuperBowl to catch the popular SuperBowl Commercials for 2012. Other popular SuperBowl promotions and deals are things like the Chipotle Half Off Burritos special during the Super Bowl game. We’ve also included a link to the best rejected Super Bowl Ad for Doritos.

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