John Kerry’s Bruised Face & Black Eyes During State of the Union Raises Questions

John Kerry Bruised Face

If you watched the State of the Union 2012 address by President Obama you were sure to catch John Kerry’s bruised face. If you found yourself asking what happened to John Kerry’s face, so did we. We had to dig in and see like John Kerry was in a bar room fight or some type of car wreck.

The story goes that John Kerry had a great New Year’s break and played some rough hockey that weekend. Even though John Kerry is 68 years old he was playing hockey like a champ but not good enough to get a beating. John Kerry’s face was bruised with him getting two black eyes and a broken nose from his hockey match.

According to the Washington Post, ” the injury happened when he fell amid a multi-player pile-up during an annual game with friends around New Year’s.” The hockey injury too John Kerry caused enough damage that he had to get stitches and looks pretty scary, even today during the State of the Union address.

If you’ve gotten bored with figuring out why John Kerry’s face is so bruised and beat up you can catch up on the State of the Union Address. We have behind the scenes footage, the live #SOTU address and more over here.

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  1. I know the truth b/c I was there……………. he goes by the name of Jimmy, and he came to the Gold Caberet Club couple of weeks ago he said that he was board at home so he came out for a visit he said he never comes to strip clubs b/c of his wife if she ever found out he would be in for it… earlier in our conversation Jimmy mentioned that he lived a few hours away in another county that kind of raised a red flag to me b/c of the distance he drove to Berkshire county just to step out of the house kind of made me think, but what did I care… So I’m siting at the bar and in comes this guy sits down next to me smiles and says his name is Jimmy… he tells me that he interested in some late night stinky pooh I told him man you look like Senator John Kerry and he smiles and says everyone tells me that… I mean there was no way this wasn’t senator kerry so we go on drinking and we start picking out the girls we liked best… Jimmy says to me that he wants to meet this tall Blonde I know her b/c I’m always there her name is Rachel so I call her over… Rachel sits down between Jimmy and me and they begin talking well he’s got a great rap and knows a lot about politics he was laughing b/c he said he should dress up in a suite and get free meals from restaurants b/c people think Senator John Kerry anyway bout an hour goes by and he takes Rachel to the back for a private encounter and the next thing I know there are 4 huge bouncers running into the VIP room and dragging Jimmy out by his hair! I was shocked! as I ran to see what they were going to do to him Rachel comes running out of the club screaming that he tried to choak her out I mean literally kill her! well apparently Jimmy didn’t know that the rooms have monitors in them and that when these bouncers drag him out by his hair and started to beat him down let me tell you he got the chit beat out of him and left at the curb… I tried to calm Rachel down but she was so upset she said that he had such a tight grip around her neck that she thought he was going to kill her. Wow! Well the funny thing here about this is at the state of the union John Kerry comes walking in like nuthing happened and I saw his pic in the news and just about fell off my chair it was John Kerry and the bruised face was proof! I saw John Kerry get his ass chomped at a strip club haha!

  2. Bull$hit, I ain’t buying that one. 68 years old and playing hockey? Maybe so, but the injury doesn’t seem to be consistent with a “pile up”. What bunch of old men do pile-ups, unless you’re a member of the Bohemian Grove, look that up folks. Somebody is covering up for something. This skull n bones member is probably into things most people couldn’t imagine but I use to come home to mommy and say I fell down too.

  3. He got his ass whooped!

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