8 Year Old Juliet’s Heavy Metal Music Video Gets 8.5 Million Views in 3 days on YouTube

8 Year Old Hardcore Video

It seems that an 8 year old Australian girl has become one of YouTube’s most viral celebrities of the week. How did she do it? Julia’s mom, Kristina Childs uploaded a video of Julia doing a one minute hardcore rock video.

The video is titled, “‘My First Hardcore Song’ by 8yr old Juliet OFFICIAL.” The video was filmed by producer Rob Sharpe at Brisbane park in Australia for friends and family and wasn’t meant to be a viral sensation.

From what we can tell the YouTube channel: thetinaxo first featured Juliet on December 3, 2006 having her first Warhead candy treat. Juliet makes faces and shows that she might have been scarred from this treat and took up her linking of hardcore music. That Juliet Warhead video received 219,610 views since 2006.

The new hit for Juliet rocking out in hardcore fashion seems to be a video that has had mind blowing numbers since January 19th, 2012. The views are now clocking in at 8,695,583 views for this video that was released almost just hours ago.


The New York Daily News got an interview with Kristina Childs and found out that she had this to say, “If I’m guilty of anything, it’s playing too much music for it,” says Childs. “When she was a baby, she wouldn’t go to sleep unless we would play Marilyn Manson or Slipknot, so it’s probably programmed somewhere in her brain.”

If you are wondering if 8 year old Juliet is destined for success it seems that she is already selling her new music video, song and t-shirts on the web. The song is selling in Apple iTunes for any hardcore & hardrock fans that want to share this on their iPhones and the t-shirts are selling on the new website, MyFirstHardCoreSong.com.

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