January Tour Dates for Merle Haggard Have Been Cancelled

Merle Haggard TourMerle Haggard has had to cancel the rest of his January tour dates due to pneumonia. Country music legend Merle Haggard cancelled a show in Georgia seven minutes before taking the stage because he was too sick to perform.

On Tuesday, January 17, 2012, Merle Haggard entered the Medical Center of Central hospital in Macon, Georgia suffering from a respiratory illness. Frank Mull, Merle Haggard’s tour manager said that the 74-year old singer wasn’t well when he left his California home to go on his 2012 tour. “He thought he was well enough to work and he did work three dates, and he got progressively worse,” tour manager Frank Mull said.

Fans of “The Hag” were disappointed they didn’t get to see him perform, but they want to wish him well so he can get better and perform live again.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012 show in Columbus, Georgia and other tour dates have been cancelled in Kentucky, Mississippi, Texas and Oklahoma because of Merle Haggard’s illness. Merle Haggard’s January tour dates will be rescheduled for April, according to Haggard’s Los Angeles-based publicist Tresa Redburn. “Haggard will take time off to recover and resume his tour in February,” she said.

All tickets from Tuesday night’s show will be honored on that date. If a ticketholder desires a refund, refunds will be made at point of purchase.

Other medical issues that have had the country music legend taking time off was reported by The Boot. Back in August, Merle Haggard was forced to postpone several concerts for an undisclosed medical issue, after being taken to a hospital in Fort Worth, Texas. He was also sidelined in late 2010 due to a respiratory ailment. The resilient entertainer beat lung cancer in 2008.

Merle Haggard recently released his ninth album in 11 years called Working in Tennessee.

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