SOPA Blackout Twitter Movement Is Taking Hold With Users & Avatars – #BlackoutSOPA

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Social media is a funny animal and Twitter shows the twists and turns of political policy and protest more colorful than other social channels. Historically Twitter has seen massive avatar picture movements in things like the Iran Election debacle when everyone turned their avatars green.

It has become incredibly easy for users that support a cause to change their Twitter Profile pictures with just about two clicks and add different labels or completely new Twitter Avatars to support any cause that has created a website to complete the process.

Stop SOPA Avatar ExampleThe #BlackoutSOPA trend is no different and allows people to easily click a button and change their Twitter Profile Pic. The website facilitates this action and also shows how many people are currently display STOP SOPA labels & images on their profile.

At the time of writing this article 20,131 people had changed their profile picture to protest SOPA.

The site also encourages people that have changed the Twitter Avatar to Stop SOPA taglines & hashtagging #BlackoutSOPA to tweet influential users like: @jac @finkd @MikeBloomberg @ericschmidt and @aplusk

For resources in learning more about what SOPA could mean to you and the future of the Internet links are shared. We’ve embedded the video that is mentioned there below if you want a quick rundown on the SOPA movement.

Learn more about SOPA

In addition to all that debriefing you are also made to feel better about slapping on anti-SOPA messages on your Twitter profile by showing in who’s good company you are with. People with the most followers on Twitter are listed with pictures of their new #BlackoutSOPA badges.

The top users on Twitter in order of followers that are supporting the anti-SOPA movement by changing their badges are as follows: @MCHammer (2.4M followers), @feliciaday (1.8M followers), @timoreilly (1.5M followers), @ev (1.4M followers), @ijustine (1.3M followers), @sacca (1.3M followers), @kevinrose (1.3M followers), @om (1.2M followers), @fieritacatalano (517k followers), @danielbru (394k followers).

If you’d like to support the movement yourself and change your Twitter profile picture go to:

Hitler Reacts to SOPA video:

Other SOPA resources & popular news items:

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