Martin Henderson in UK mentioned by Golden Globe winner, Peter Dinklage

Peter Dinklage Mentions Martin Henderson

Peter Dinklage pulled off a win from the popular HBO series, “Game of Thrones” at the Golden Globe Awards. Runners up were Tim Robbins starring in, “Cinema Verite”, Eric Stonestreet in “Modern Family”, Guy Pearce in “Mildred Pierce” and Paul Giamatti in, “Too Big to Fail.”

Mr. Dinklage’s speech was sincere and impressive as he mentioned a story about his mom suggesting one of the runner-ups were good enough that they would probably win. The humor of Peter Dinklage let people laugh at the comment that, “Mothers keep you humble.”

Before Peter Dinklage finished his speech he commented that he was thinking about Martin Henderson in the United Kingdom and told the audience and watchers of the Golden Globe Awards to, “Google him.” A quick search on Google reveals Mr. Dinklage’s passion behind the man’s name and his story.

Martin Henderson was the center of what started as a joke and turned into a horrible situation as he was tossed outside a pub while he was enjoying a cigarette. Mr. Henderson sustained major injuries and has not been able to get acting work since being injured from the “dwarf tossing.”

Mr. Henderson has accused the England Rugby team for the dwarf tossing prank that he encountered. The England players of the UK Rugby team attended an event called, “Mad Midget Weekender” where a dwarf throwing contest took place and they were photographed and it was made popular. The Britain, Martin Henderson is blaming his irreversable injuries on the UK Rugby teams support of this event.

It seems that Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones wanted to bring awareness to this dwarf being attacked. It’s obvious the reasons since Mr. Dinklage is a dwarf himself, happily married and successful in his acting career. Martin Henderson just may have got some helpful exposure that he needed to his bullying attack from the Golden Globe winner, Peter Dinklage.

Feature from Game of Thrones showing Tyrion Lannister:

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