Crow sledding caught on video as an intelligent tubing crow enjoys the snow

Crow Sledding on Roof

Crows are known for the intelligence among other birds and are found just about everywhere in almost every country. Recently a family uploaded a video of a crow titled, “Crow Roof Tubing” under the YouTube account penelopakristi.

The video has been a viral hit as people show their amazement in this crows genious in being able to use a tool to play in the snow. The crow has a white lid that he is holding with his feet and uses this on a metal roof with a steep incline to tube.

Some may say this was just an accident and the YouTubers were lucky to catch this one video. The truth is however, the crow repeatedly grabs the lid and goes back up to the corner peak of the roof and attempts to slide down the roof over four separate times. The first try was the best success but some of the other sledding attempts by this Einstein crow worked out well too.

We’ve embedded this viral hit of an animal gone vacationing on a neighborhood roof. Intelligent crows are everywhere but they aren’t smart enough to get on YouTube like this crow. Enjoy the Tubing Crow as he turns into a real snow bird.

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  1. I caught this on Facebook yesterday. It’s amazing how well a bird brain can work considering how poorly some of us are doing with what we have. Now we have to hope a bunch of teenagers don’t get any bird brain ideas and end up in the hospital; Oh wait, that’s all over YouTube too. lol

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