Medics Drop Transplant Heart Caught on Video

Medics Drop Transplant HeartMexican paramedics dropped a human donor heart that was being transferred by private jet and police helicopter to a 20-year old woman whose life depends on it. The nation’s media followed every 280-mile journey from Guanajuato State to Mexico City.

Mexico City police reported that they had used a helicopter to deliver the heart to the hospital in a “rapid precision manoeuvre.”

The heart that was being transported was dropped when medics were getting out of the helicopter and were running towards the hospital. The paramedics were transporting the heart in a wheeled cooler, when one of the two medics tripped on the street and the wheeled container tipped over, the lid opened up, and the heart rolled out onto the street. Thankfully, the donor heart was wrapped up in three layers of a polyethylene bag and the medics were quick to recover the heart.

Dr Cesar Villasenor, Heart transplant director told reporters: “It was a trip on one of the potholes on the road. It’s arrival was a bit scary but fortunately it all went well. Because we had the heart perfectly protected as it was packed in three layers.”

Mexico’s Department of Health confirmed the donor heart made it to the hospital and Falcony Rodrigo Lopez, director of the hospital, confirmed to local media that the operation had been a success.

The patient was a 20-year-old woman who received the donor heart from a 24-year-old man who died in a car crash on Tuesday.

A spokesman from Mexico’s health secretariat was reported as saying: “Fortunately, the heart was protected and not damaged.”

A heart deemed suitable for a transplant can survive between four and six hours if packed in ice for transplantation.

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