The Best Rejected Super Bowl Ad for Doritos

By: Jack DreesenRejected SuperBowl Doritos Ad

We’re not (just) a jaded generation of instantaneous satisfaction seekers, ravenously devouring every lolcat, nutshot, and fail video in sight. We’re a generation that’s self-aware.

If you’re in your twenties, there’s a good chance that you have been exposed to over a million ads so far throughout your life. This constant barrage of what to eat, what to wear, where to go for the lowest prices, the freshest ingredients, the best music, videos, movies, anything, eventually fades into the background, like the low hum that hangs over a neighborhood sitting way too close to a highway. So the questions marketers asked have changed from “What kind of jingle do you have today, Bob?” to “How can we make people pay attention to us, Bob?”

Our generation knows this. We know that marketers want our money, and have developed this shell around our minds to repel the traditional ploys of catchy tunes, famous celebrities, and high-pressure tactics (BUY NOW!) That have been used successfully (until now) for the past 70+ years. So how do you break the shell? Humor.

Humor is one of the greatest achievements of the human mind. When handled correctly, it makes you stand out more than anything else (how many lines can you quote from ‘Schindler’s List?’ Now how many lines can you quote from ‘Dumb and Dumber’?). But marketers are only beginning to understand the power of humor, and how to enact their desired response of grabbing your attention. Humor is a great way of saying “Hey look! I’m not those other guys! I know that you know what I’m doing, so how about I just entertain you for a few seconds?”

And we appreciate the honesty.

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