Stuff White Girls Say…To Black Girls Goes Viral on YouTube

It looks like the popular video series called “Sh*t Girls Say” has been turned into parody of it’s own crazy sillyness. The video hit viral proportions on YouTube as many influential people shares the video like Perez Hilton’s blog, Comedy Central’s Tosh.0 Blog and YouTube channel and a growing list of popular blogs and video sites.

The video was created by funny YouTube star Franchesca Ramsey: chescaleigh. The message on the video states in the beginning, “Hey now, before you get all upset, This is a parody of this video “Shit Girls Say”

If you’re looking for an explanation of the creation of this popular video or want to know where it evolved from you can read a Huffington Post article by Franchesca Ramsey herself. Franchesca is listed as a comedian, graphic designer, natural hair lvoer and video blogger on the site. The popular video spawned from all the sh*t they say videos like, “Sh*t Girls Say”, “Sh*t Gay Guys Say”, “Sh*t Vegans Say”, “Sh*t Moms Say”, and “Sh*t Black Girls Say”.

So what’s next? Sh*t your Priest says or how about stuff your barber says? There doesn’t seem to much slowing down this trend as the videos jump to viral frenzies as soon as they’re released. Most of the videos are called racist, wrong, too far and everyone keeps fueling them by watching them, tweeting them, sharing them on Facebook and more. What do you think about these comical & funny videos about what people say?

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