Cyber Security Jobs & Training Are On The Rise Bucking Unemployment Trend

While some reports propose that the unemployment situation is improving in the United States, for the most part, the US is in recession that is proving hard to beat. Unemployment numbers may be high because jobs are more scarce and untrained workers are finding it hard to find a job but training in cyber security may be a solution for some. While these jobs require cyber security training they are becoming one of the hottest jobs in the computer & networking field. Cyber Security job opportunities are on the rise and we have some interesting data to show you what is going on.

A website that covers different Cyber Security degree programs has released a report with combined information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as well as some data from job site aggregators like As stated on the site, the BLS is reporting that cyber security careers, “are estimated to grow 30 percent from 2008 to 2018, much faster than the average for all occupations.” Listed on the site and BLS are some salaries with one being of a Information Security Analyst which had a median wage of $35/hour in 2010.

Cyber Security Job Outlook

What is most interesting is the soaring availability of cyber security jobs hitting the job market. The graphic we’re sharing from shows that the Cyber Security job outlook is incredibly bright and for now is only going straight up. When looking at other job trends most don’t have such a growth curve as cybersecurity type jobs. The way that this graph is produced is by crawling and counting millions of jobs from thousands of jobs sites and then shows a percentage of jobs that contain the term, “cyber security.”

Cyber Security careers and job opportunities aren’t just showing tremendous growth in the number of jobs but the salaries are incredibly high as well. The average salary that Indeed has found from all cyber security job listings is $94,000 a year. There are sub specialties in cyber security jobs that also have salaries that go much higher. A Cyber Security Engineer has an average salary of $109,000 a year, a Cybersecurity Analyst & Cyberintelligence Analyst have salaries of $98,000 a year, IT Security is listed as $154,000 a yaer, Application Security Consultants make an average salary of $121,000 a year, Cyber Security Sme make a $120,000 average salary a year and there’s a whole lot more.

Cyber Security Average Salary

The growth of all these salaries is fueled by worldwide interest in the cyber security threats by attacks on corporations and governments all around the world. NATO just announced a major security initiative to set standards and has been reported by the Wall Street Journal that they’re accepting bids on Cyber Security contracts. Government programs are also fueling the funding behind statewide programs of cyber security training and cyber security degree programs throughout the country. If you’re looking for a government job in cybersecurity a common way to spell it is without the space, so make sure you’re searching correctly. It seems that now is the time to start training for such a lucrative career as the job opportunties soar above most other fields of work in this security sector.

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