Mall of America Fight Breaks Out Into Riot, 9 Arrested

As swarms of people collected in groups around the Mall of America the fights inside the mall built to an intense level. Videos being shared all over have shown the fights get out control to where people were launching chairs across areas of the mall at other people and those people throwing the chairs right back.

The fighting is said to have all started around 4:00pm in multiple locations in the Mall of America. The main area the fight blew up from was in the food court with drinks being thrown on the ground and at individuals and started to spread into other areas. While some mention they heard gunshots during the fight it was most likely the pelting sound of the metal chairs being hurled across the room.

Around 30 police officers collected in the areas to direct as many people as they could outside of the mall and away from the fights. From Mall of America Fight videos you can watch below you’ll see that many people kept running towards the fights fueling even more rioting behavior.

Causes of the Mall of America rioting seems to lead back to rumors of Lil’ Wayne and Drake visiting the mall. Some people said they thought Lil’ Wayne was shopping for Ski boots. Police finally arrested 9 juveniles out of nearly 200 kids and teenagers that were involved in the breakout of Mall of America fighting.

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  1. Both of you (Theresa and JoannJonas) and racist idiots. Get a life and get your heads out of your rear ends, Hitlerettes.

  2. None of those hood rats were at the mall to spend money. Let’s see the mall put the chaperone policy in effect ALL DAY EVERY DAY. If your under 18, you have to have an adult with you or an adult sign for you saying they are at the mall that day and willing to be responsible for anything you might do while there. It might not solve everything but I bet 90% of those involved jumped on to mass transit with no money in their pockets to spend the day harassing hardworking people who came to spend their money at the MOA and their parent(s) had no clue where they were or what they were doing. Oh, because if we did that the Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of the world would claim discrimination. When is all this crap going to stop. Bunch of animals.

  3. I am sure this post will anger many but 9 times out of 10 when you hear of a mob of young adults terrorizing people is it usually blacks. It angers me but the good thing is it has also gotten to the point the system is starting to deal with them. For years the system didn’t want to anger these groups in fear they would riot. Since they are already beating random people as the walk by like they did at the Wisc. State fair or summerfest etc. what do the courts have to lose. Some teens are rude, and out of control but the majority of these thugs are black and have no remorse or fear any punishment. I don’t fear them they disgust me that they have no conscience and cannot behave in a civil manner. The tide is turning and these ill –mannered, vulgar thugs will start to pay for their actions.

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