Christmas Eve Store Hours Being Later Are Fueling Shoppers for Last Minute Christmas Shopping

Christmas Eve Store HoursStores around the country are staying open later this Christmas Eve to lure shoppers in for last minute bargain deals. All stores are staying closed on Christmas Day however giving their employees time to spend time with their families and celebrate the Christmas holiday. If you find a retail store that is open on Christmas Day tell us in the comments so we can ridicule them!

Christmas Eve store hours for Walmart go until 6pm in most locations with some of the Wal-Mart Stores staying open until 8:00pm for those extremely last minute shoppers.

Kmart will have Christmas Eve Store hours that are almost the latest of the big retailers with their store staying open until 10pm. This is the 2nd year that K-Mart has decided to stay open until 10:00pm for Christmas Eve last minute shopping.

The store staying open the latest this year on Christmas Eve is Macy’s department stores. Most Macy’s stores will close at midnight on Christmas Eve with some staying open as late us 2:00am. Macy’s will be closed during Christmas Day which to be honest, we’re releived to hear!

Toys R Us stayed open pretty late last year closing at 10pm on Christmas Eve but this year they’re posting on their website that they’ll be open 24 hours on the day before Christmas Eve and on Christmas Eve. Toys R Us is calling this their last minute super savings sale. The famous toy store will be closed on Christmas Day like the rest of the retail outlets.

This year Best Buy is closing the earliest out of all retail outlets that we’ve found with Christmas Eve hours. Best Buy Christmas Eve hours this year will be until 5:00pm for shoppers to get their last minute LED TVs and surround sounds systems or that last minute Blue-ray DVD present.

Christmas Eve Last Minute EmergenciesIf you need some cough medicine for guests that are coming over for Christmas Eve you may want to go out and get those supplies now. Walgreens will be using their normal hours on Christmas Eve and closing at 6pm local time. There are some locations that will be open for emergencies and shopping on Christmas Day. You can check your local store to check if they’ll be open during Christmas hours.

The truth of the matter is that most people should be enjoying family time and eating great food together by Christmas Eve. If you have to get out for Christmas Eve shopping we hope these hours will help you navigate your last minute Christmas present shopping. We suggest that unless it’s an emergency you don’t support stores staying open on Christmas Day to encourage them to stay closed and support a family holiay that everyone can enjoy. Merry Christmas!

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  1. Nothing wrong with a little time off for those that would like it, but there are also plenty of other people that do not celebrate Christmas who don’t mind being at work. If you are not at work, you don’t get paid. But let’s think of what your world would be like if everybody did not go to work on Christmas Eve. Hmm. All of your family staying at the hotels would be sleeping on your couch since the hotels are closed. Because you can’t cook, or just don’t feel like it, you have to be hungry because Waffle House and the Chinese places are closed. When you slip and fall you stay injured because you can’t go to the hospital, and all the people in the hospital are left outside to die. When you turn on the TV, there is nothing on, just static, since the people doing the programming are home. When you go to get online and do a video chat with your family far away you can’t because the people at Skype turned off their equipment and went home. You go to call your mother but you can’t because the telephone does not work. Here is an important one, when you go to turn up the heat since it is cold at night, you can’t. There is no electricity since the people at the power plant turned everything off to go home.
    The world would be like the stone ages if everybody was home with their families. And yes, all of the stores and places that stay open are there for those who go to work to support them so you can be warm in your bed at night. Have a heart and be glad places are open and people are going to work on Christmas and all of the other days you have off.

  2. Do not rush to judgment of those who open their stores on this special day.

    Christmas is a wonderful holiday, but not everyone celebrates it, just as not everyone celebrates Chanukah. Therefore, if an Orthodox Jew in Manhattan has an electronics store open on December 25th, don’t ridicule them. Respect them for having been closed on Saturday, the 24th, which was the Jewish Sabbath.

    Years ago a middle aged woman asked me how I could deny my children Christmas. I was unable to successfully explain to her that we have our own holidays that are equally as important to us as Christmas is to the majority of people. I grew up as a spectator of Christmas, but not as a participant.

    It is a beautiful time of year, but we do not covet it any more than we might covet anything else that our neighbors enjoy as part of their lives. They have their traditions; we have ours. Living in mutual respect enables all of us to feel blessed during this remarkable season of joy.

    Merry Christmas to you who celebrate the birth of Jesus. Happy Chanukah to those who celebrate the miracle of a victory over evil and the eight fold extension of time for the oil to burn in the eternal light at the Temple in Israel.

  3. Wow, what an aggressively worded blog you have here. As a Christian who no longer celebrates the holiday for biblical reasons (there are references to the forbidden practice by pagans of cutting trees/branches and bringing them into the home to decorate with silver and gold – you should really read the book before becoming a megaphone for such strong opinions about religious practice ), I take offense to your comment about ridiculing businesses that don’t bow to your view. The way you choose to worship is between you and God, but remember that one of the foundations of Christianity is not to judge others. Perhaps you should focus less on attacking stores and more on that core value this season. Just my two cents.

  4. While I can understand your sentiments regarding closings on Christmas so that “everyone” can enjoy a family holiday, the reality of it is simply unrealistic. Should hospitals also close and leave the dying to themselves on Christmas so that nurses, doctors, janitors, security personnel, food prep workers can spend time with their family? How about nursing homes? Convenience/gas stores? Truck stops? Airlines? Police stations?

    The fact is, a huge portion of America will be working on Christmas day, because it is part of their job. And if retailers (those gas stations and truck stops are retailers too) decide to open their business on Christmas day then it is no less “fair” to those employees. Having a holiday off at your job is a benefit, not a right.

  5. So while you ridicule people for being open on christmas me and my kids are stuck with a flat tire that can’t be fixed with too far to drive on a spare…On a day of travel we need some places that can help stranded motorists and feed children

  6. We don’t close stores on other religious holidays, so why do we for christmas. Sounds pretty selfish to me.

  7. Multi Billion Dollar Walmart doesn’t have their Christmas hours of operation on their automated system. I have called 15 branches and not one of them prompt with any type of automation system. It just keeps ringing and then hangs up. Buyer beware of multi billion dollar companies whom cannot setup an automation system.

  8. Ridicule them ? really? Some people are not religious and could care less about Christmas. Stores that are 24 hrs. like Safeway and some Walmart store are there for convenience and just because they do not conform to your belief system they should not be punished. If you choose to be home with your family good for you , but others may rely on that store being open due to their schedule or needs. Personally I think Christmas is a bunch non-nonsensical chaos that stress and over burdens people whither it be financial or obligations.
    If people took each day as a special day to be with each other, the world would be a better place and we would not need to “ridicule” anyone.

  9. “If you find a retail store that is open on Christmas Day tell us in the comments so we can ridicule them!”

    is this a joke? i didnt know companies were required to be christians..

  10. Which really sucks for all those non-christians out there.

  11. So it’s necessary to “ridicule” a store for staying open?

  12. Walgreens… Damn it!

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