Inhalable Caffeine by AeroShot Labeled a Club Drug By Sen. Schumer

Inhalable Caffeine AeroshotOh we got trouble, right here in river city… and it comes in the form of inhalable caffeine or what some are calling caffeine mist. It seems that Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) has written the FDA asking them to review the popular caffiene inhaler and it’s legality. Mr Schumber said, “The product is nothing more than a club drug design to give users the ability to drink until they drop.” It seems that politicians may want to ban AeroShot just like they did Four Loko, the popular caffienated alcoholic drink.

The caffeine mist is pretty simple in how you use it and what it is. Each AeroShot contains 100 mg of caffeine and a mix of B vitamins. You are puffing in a powder that falls out of the air into your mouth, dissolves nearly instantly and then you swallow. It’s safe, healthy (according to and unlike most energy drinks, there are no calories.

Caffeine Mist AeroshotGoing through the order process at Aeroshots you get taken to to pay the company directly it seems. One unit costs $2.99 and they’re boasting free shipping for US customers. On the FAQ its listed that each AeroShot will give 4 – 6 puffs of caffeine which is done by puffing on the end of the mini canister. It’s claimed that the energy hits you very quick because it is digested rapidly into your system.

You might not even have to buy an AeroShot to try it out and see if its as horrible for you as the mainstream media is making it out to be. Further investigation shows that there are a lot of Aeroshot free sample codes & coupons floating around. The website has a dedicated section to “Try It” and enter AeroShot Pure Energy Coupon Codes for a free trial.

Aeroshot complies with FDA dietary supplement guidelines, should be used in moderation (not to exceed 3 per day) and is not intended for use by children. makes the case against alcoholic caffeine drinks and the mixing of them by stating, “Most energy drinks that can be easily mixed with alcohol, AeroShot is not designed to have its contents poured into alcoholic beverages, and it is not intended for mixing with any liquids.”

Breathable foods is based out of Cambridge, Mass., and is revolutionizing the delivery of nutrients to the mouth for ingestion using novel aerosol delivery systems.

Developed by Harvard professor David Edwards. David Edwards is described on AeroShot as a creator, writer and professor at Harvard University. He also leads an international creativity movement called ArtScience Labs. ArtScience Labs explored innovation as a creative process that is neither completely aesthetic nor scientific but a fusion of the deductive logic of scientific experimentation with the intutive inspiration of artistic creation. It appears that David Edwards has a whole bunch of ideas and lists them at his website:

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