Adam Lambert Arrested & Thrown In Jail With Boyfriend, Adam Tweets About It

Adam Lambert ArrestedIt was a crazy and fun evening at a gay bar in Helsinki, Finland called DTM (Don’t Tell Momma) when it all started to go down hill. Adam Lambert and his Finnish boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen got in a bar fight that escalated out of control all the way into a jail cell. The boys aren’t still in jail and spent a few hours in the slammer.

The fight took a pretty sour turn when a popular Miss Helsinki from the past named Sofia Ruusila took a punch from Adam Lambert. It seems the brawl between Adam and Sauli boiled over and Sofia was trying to break it up when Adam accidentally hit Sofia.

Don’t Tell Momma kicked Adam Lambert & Sauli Koskinen out of the bar and into the streets. The fight continued on in the streets and eventually the police were called and arrested at around 4am Thursday morning. The police were interrogating the two men and deciding how many assault charges to press.

Adam Lambert and Sauli KoskinenAdam Lambert rose to fame when he wont American Idol and took the world by surprise with his amazing voice and theatrical like performances. Adam’s boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen rose to fame by winning the Finnish version of Big Brother. The two were celebrating Christmas starting on December 19th, 2011 after Adam flew in to ring in the Christmas season and New Year. Rumors were that Adam Lambert might appear on the X Factor finale but the reality of him landing in Finland seemed to quash those rumors.

Adam Lambert has went public with his bar fight drama by tweeting about it on his Twitter account at @adamlambert.

Adam tweeted:

@adamlambert: Jetlag+Vodka=blackout. Us÷blackout=irrational confusion. jail+guilt+press=lesson learned. Sauli+Adam+hangover burgers= laughing bout it. 🙂

@adamlambert: P

There might be some damage control to try and keep Adam’s newly released single floating in the charts. The new single titled, “Better Than I Know Myself” is doing well in iTunes and Adam is keeping tabs on it’s chart positions in different countries on his Twitter account.

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