3D TV gets a boost from YouTube 3D video & Samsung Smart TVs

Samsung Smart TVNearly 8,000 high quality 3D YouTube videos will be available to owners of Samsung 3D enabled tvs. An agreement between YouTube and Samsung and announced at the IFA 2011 conference that 3D video content will now be readily available to everyone in the world with Samsung Smart TVs with 3D capability that are LED TVs & Plasma TVs. Samsung’s 3D technology works off of the active glasses technology unlike LG & Vizio’s passive 3D TVs which is the same Real 3D version consumers see in the theaters.

YouTube 3D VideoGoogle’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) YouTube has been pushing 3D content for over two years and encouraging professional film companies to produce the 3D video content for it’s database. The collection has now amassed up to over 8,000 videos and is expected to grow as more 3D TV brands adopt the new technology.

Samsung Smart TVs have apps that can be installed and run on the TV. The new app that will support the YouTube 3D videos & 3D movies is called “YouTube on TV” and will be available on all Smart TVs in the app marketplace. The launch of the app was promised all year in 2011 and the promise has been kept by Samsung right in the end of December on a Smart TV near you!

For anyone that purchases a Samsung Smart TV they’ll be able to get the “YouTube on TV” app and select YouTube 3D streaming video & 3D movies if they have a 3D enabled television. The YouTube app will also offer access to all of YouTube’s content including HD Video in an easily¬†navigable¬†format for users using their Samsung TVs and remotes. This could certainly be the year that stereoscopic 3D TV starts to poke into the mainstream consumer purchase trends as HD Movies & Blu-ray content has went mainstream.

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  1. Thanks for this amazing news. I am planning to buy a new 3D TV this new year.

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