Saab Warranty Ditched Company, GM Steps In To Cover

Saab Warranty DitchedIt seems that supporters of the Saab line of cars are getting the nasty end of the stick as their warranty included with the purchase of a Saab is dropped. SaaB announced through it’s spokesman Michele Tinson, “Saab Cars North America has suspended paying for warranty coverage for all its vehicles in the Unites States and Canada.”

New Saab cars came with a standard 4 year, 50,000 mile warranty that had scheduled maintenance for the first 3 years of ownership or 36,000 miles. The scheduled mainentance was to be offered for free under the warranty. General Motors (NYSE:GM) purchased the Sweden Saab unit and has decided to offer warranty service under all Saab purchases during it’s ownership.

GM has stated that it estimates this will cover 48,000 Saab vehicles in the United States and around 9,000 in Canada. GM will essentially just be shifting warranty payments when services are rendered into the North American unit instead of sending the payments to Sweden. The surprise is that GM has already been paying for those warranty services so not a lot is changing really. This does not cover all powertrain warranty & extended warranty services.

Any Saab vehicles that were sold after the GM sale of Saab to Spyker Cars will not be covered under warranty. There are also around 3,000 new Saabs sitting on dealer lots that will have to be sold without automotive warranty service. This puts a bit of pricing trouble in the bank account for auto sales at Saab dealers looking to offload these vehicles after the Saab bankruptcy.

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