Lindsay Lohan Double Playboy Issue “breaking sales records” Says Hugh Hefner

Lohan Playboy CoverAfter all the online frenzy surrounding the Lindsay Lohan leaked photos from her Playboy cover shoot, it seems it’s producing quite a windfall for the Playboy Entertainment Group. Inc. There were rumors that the Lohan issue was not helping sell copies of Playboy but the numbers are telling a different story and so is the man himself, Hugh Hefner.

Hugh Hefner used Twitter client Twitterrific on December 18th, 2011 to tweet out the message: “The Lindsay Lohan January-February Double Issue is breaking sales records.” This tweet was retweeted by well over 100+ people on Twitter and created a flurry of rumors of big sales numbers of the new Lohan Playboy Double issue. Mr. Hefner also went on to say, “The Lindsay Lohan Double Issue also includes 2 Centerfolds, the Year In Sex & the Playmate Review. Over 200 pages of entertainment.”

Lindsay Lohan Cover With Hugh HefnerIn addition to the Tweets that Hugh Hefner put out on December 18th, 2011 talking about the Lindsay Lohan Issue he also put out a tweet on December 15th, 2011 sharing a picture of him and Ms. Shaun Robinson after an interview with him holding the famous Lohan Playboy issue. The tweet read: “Here’s a picture of me with @msshaunrobinson from our interview today.

Mr. Hefner wasn’t the only one promoting the Lindsay Lohan Playboy release date as Ms. Lohan herself promtoed it on Twitter. On Lindsay Lohan’s Twitter account @lindsaylohan she tweeted on December 17th, 2011: “Playboy on stands now! I was so nervous! I hope people like it 🙂 and pick up a copy!!! * ….xoxo.” There were responsed to this tweet that hinted at people that were not typical Playboy customers were going to buy this issue like: @ChrisMillerAZ: “My first Playboy magazine purchase and it’s because of @lindsaylohan.” AND @xShesSoToughx: “@lindsaylohan

TMZ announced after some interviewing and digging that sales numbers of Playboy copies on newstands were much higher than usual in major cities like New York & Los Angeles. There were reorders coming into the Playboy logistics center. The online version of Playboy at was also getting huge increases on their subscriptions.

We did our own investigating into some of the effects of the Lindsay Lohan Playboy photoshoot and found that traffic numbers have indeed seen a big spike. We’re providing examples from a website called Quantcast below. Websites can choose to put Quantcast code on their website and allow exact traffic measurements to take place so these numbers are completely verifiable and real. You’ll see that in December a huge abnormal spike for website traffic is seen. It seems that this will be a very Merry Christmas for the Playboy Mansion.

Playboy Traffic Numbers

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