Let It Snow on Google.com Search With New Holiday Easter Egg

Let It Snow Google Easter Egg

Google is in the holiday spirit and is sharing the gift of snow with everyone whether you can actually walk out side and see snow or not. All you have to do is make your way to Google.com in either their Web or Image search engine to see it snow.

To Let It Snow go to Google.comLet It Snow Defrost
1. Type: Let It Snow
2. Watch as snow flakes fall in a flurry
3. Use your mouse to clean off the screen
4. Scroll to the top and DEFROST your screen
5. Watch snow continue to fall

You can actually experience this on different Google search engines. We tested this on Google.com Web Search and Google.com Image search. There might be more Google products that you can use this in as well.

It seems that Google homepage is starting to have fun with the users of the search engine by incorporating what are called Easter Eggs into their search experience.

While Wikipedia gives a grand explanation of why everyone is calling these hidden programming tricks Easter Eggs, we’ll give you a quick rundown. Carl Fabergé made elaborate Easter Eggs with jewels that contained hidden surprises. An Atari game called Adventure had secret Easter Eggs in it that provided secret messages to avid gamers. At this point Easter Eggs have been found in all kinds of computer programs, web pages, video games, movies, books & crossword puzzles.

Other Easter Eggs to try in Google Search are these phrases (without quotes) to activate the hidden Google Easter Egg: tilt, askew, do a barrel roll, zz, rr, anagram, ascii art, recursion and let it snow. There are over 56 known Google Search Engine Easter Eggs and that list is growing every day. This seems like it’s a great way for Google to get social media outreach and people to make it known that Google products like Google Chrome, Google Docs & Google Instant are the place to be.

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