Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry Sold at Auction Sets Records Selling for $115 Million Total

Elizabeth Taylor AuctionElizabeth Taylor’s jewelry collection sold for a record of $115 million, breaking the record from 1987 Duchess of Windor’s jewels in Geneva. At the auction on Tuesday night at Christie’s in New York, there were 80 of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry items that were sold. Part of the proceeds will go to The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, which she established in 1991 to help people living with AIDS.

One of the items at the auction was her 33.19 carat, rectangular-cut diamond ring, husband Richard Burton bought for her in 1968. Elizabeth Taylor’s 33.19 carat diamond was sold for $8,818,500 to South Korean hotel conglomerate Eland World where it will be displayed there as The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond.

The pearl, diamond and ruby necklace, known as the “La Peregrina” sold for a world record price of $11,842,500. Elizabeth Taylor’s husband Richard Burton bought that piece for $37,000 in 1969 at an auction for a Valentines Day present. It belonged to a line of eight Spanish kings between 1582 and 1808. The necklace “La Peregrina” was estimated to only sell for $2 to $3 million, but broke the 2007 record of The Baroda Pearls selling for $7,096,000.

Another item high in the auction list was a diamond bracelet given to Elizabeth Taylor by Michael Jackson. It was only estimated to sell for $30,000 to $50,000 but sold for a whooping $194,500. An Emerald and diamond necklace by Bulgari, given to Taylor by Burton for their 1964 marriage, brought in $6.1 million.

A gold necklace featuring 13 antique circular ivory opera passes sold for $314,500 when it was estimated to only sell for $1,500 to $2,000. While a diamond tiara given to her by Mike Todd, husband number 3, sold for $4.2 million. It sold for 50 times higher than it’s estimated auction cost and yet again, setting a record for a tiara selling at an auction.

Chief executive officer of New York- based jeweler Verdura, Landrigan said, “No one has seen anything like this. It’s like money means nothing.”

Her clothing and memorabilia will be held at auction later in the week. An online-only sale with some of her other items will run through Saturday. Elizabeth Taylor’s collection of impressive art is scheduled to go on sale at Christie’s in London in February.

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