Christmas Tree Sales Up Along With Prices

Christmas Tree Sales UpChristmas tree sales seem to be defying the typical economic trends that Christmas tree farms have come to expect. This year IBISWorld has announced that they expect Americans to spend $800 million on 25 million real X-mas Trees and $2.6 billion on 10 million fake x-mas trees.

One retailer that everyone is familiar with was interviewed by Bloomberg and revealed they expect this year to be a good year for Christmas tree sales regardless of the economy, recession and unemployment. Home Depot Inc. (NYSE:HD) spokeswoman Jean Niemi said, “We expect strong tree sales this year and strong holiday sales overall. History shows us that even in a down economy, the Christmas tradition isn’t one that families part with.” In the United States The Home Depot is the largest seller of Christmas Trees.

Over in Knoxville, Tennessee a longtime Christmas Tree farmer has his own theories on the economy and Christmas tree buying. Mr. Leo Collins was interviewed by 10WBIR News and told them his views in a video interview included below. Mr. Collins says that in years that are tough with the economy, customers purchase less tall trees but purchase more short trees than normal. In years where the economy is doing great, Mr. Collins observes that people tend to purchase more tall trees and less short trees.

Christmas Tree Prices Are UpThis year at Bluebird Christmas Tree Farms a different picture is playing out with Christmas Tree Sales and the state of the economy it seems. Mr. Collins has observed that people this year are purchasing more short Christmas trees and also purchasing more tall Christmas trees. Mr. Collins said, “This has been the first year that it didn’t hold. Because this year we sold probably twice as many big trees and a lot of wreaths and roping and more small trees.”

In states like Hawaii they’re running out of Christmas Trees and the prices are starting to soar through the roof. In places like Ala Moana Center parking lot in Hawaii one Christmas Tree salesman brought in 4,000 trees and has already sold out. Down the street from that Xmas tree sales lot there were only 100 Christmas trees left. Types of Christmas trees seemed to be dividing out what was left and what was already purchased this year. In Hawaii at least, they’re expect that by this weekend they’ll be completely sold out and have no Christmas trees left in sight.

When you hop over the pond and look at Britain’s Christmas tree prices you’ll be happy that you’re buying in the United States still. It’s reported by the BBC that professional buyers of Christmas trees have nearly doubled in the last five years. The most popular Christmas tree in the UK is the Nordmann fir and it’s the one that is seeing the worst price increases. Just this year alone a Nordmann fir can see price increases as much as 36% on the retail sale compared to last year.

If you want to celebrate Christmas with a traditional Christmas Tree with all those smells, sounds and water sucking goodness you had better make it out to tree farms and retailers selling Christmas trees before this weekend. It sounds like recession or not, people are picking up Christmas trees fast this year as they want to experience one of the most cherished traditions in the Christmas season. Christmas tree sales are soaring up as the demand is more and the result is a high price. ‘Tis the season to fork over the green!

Since you’re mind is on Christmas Trees we’ve provided you another piece of entertainment as well with Christmas Tree Facts & Statistics. This Christmas tree infographic will provide you the history of the Christmas Tree and how it came to be. Who are the largest purchasers of Christmas trees? Well, that’s answered in this infographic showing you that in order of purchases the USA purchases 20.8 million Christmas Trees, Germany with 19 million, France with 9.2 million, Denmark with 8.5 million, Belgium with 5.2 million and the UK at 4.4 million Christmas trees. The most popular tree is the Fraser Fir, Douglas Fir and the Balsam Fir in order of popularity. There are much more fun facts on Christmas Trees that we’re sure you’ll love. Share it with your friends!

Christmas Tree Facts & Statistics

Christmas Tree Facts & Statistics

Infographic Provided by All in one Garden & Leisure Artificial X-mas Trees

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