Cell Phone Ban Recommended by NTSB After Repeated Fatal Crashes From Texting

NTSB recommends ban cell phonesAfter enough tragic accidents, wrecks and deaths the NTSB is recommending that all states should ban the use of electronic devices behind the wheel. Electronic devices would include cell phones, iPods & MP3 players, smartphones, tablets and anything else that is a portable electronic device.

The decision comes at the heels of hearing on a fatal pile-up that happened in Missouri. After investigation it was revealed that the cause of the wreck which produced 38 injuries and two deaths was a 19 year old driver that had sent eleven text messages within 11 minutes before the major crash happened.

The 19 year old ran directly into the back of tactor trailer that was driving slower because of road construction. A bus rear-ended his truck when then had another school bus rear-end that school bus. A 15 year old girl that was in one of the buses was killed in the pileup crash.

Back on September 13th, 2011 a ruling was made on a similar type of crash involved a truck-tractor semitrailer that went through median barrier and hit a passenger van. This time the NTSB recommended mobile phones to be banned by all commercial drivers. They said in their announcement: “Distracted driving is becoming increasingly prevalent, exacerbating the danger we encounter daily on our roadways,” said NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman. “It can be especially lethal when the distracted driver is at the wheel of a vehicle that weighs 40 tons and travels at highway speeds.”

This time however the NTSB is recommending that all drivers on the road are banned from use of any electronic device.

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